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Sean & Anton - Happily Married...Twice!

By Sean Cary

To marry the person you love is the most beautiful, special thing one can experience. The feeling of walking down the aisle to heartfelt music, surrounded by those you love, knowing how different life will become is an event that will change you forever. Sean Cary and Anton Novak have done it, twice.

In a private ceremony several years ago, Sean and Anton married each other in their back yard, sharing their vows and proclaiming to each other and to the heavens just how much they mean to each other. Both men were a bit apprehensive—marriage equality had just become legal in 2015 and neither had any idea what that would look like.

In 2017, Sean and Anton decided to adopt three children from foster care. “There are too many children in Washoe County who need homes! No matter what those home looks like,” says Cary. Sean and Anton were matched with three beautiful children and they finalized their adoption in March 2018. See link to Sean and Anton's adoption story at the end of this article.

Much of Anton’s family lives overseas and they did not attend Sean and Anton’s first wedding, nor the adoption, and most of them had never met Sean. The time had come for Anton to introduce his family to his family. Traveling seven thousand miles with three children sounds like a pretty big task but being that Anton is a retired airline pilot, aviation is part of who they are as a family. Anton grins fondly, remembering a time when the children’s foster mom asked, “So what is it you do?” And he responded, “I make doughnuts and fly airplanes.”

So, this past December 2018, the family of five made the journey from Reno to Auckland, New Zealand so Anton and Sean could renew their vows with their children. Anton’s family owns the Telegraph Hill Olivery, New Zealand’s number one provider of olives and olive oils. It is high summer in December so amongst the olive trees, branches heavy with fruit, was the perfect location to say “I do” all over again.

The plant life in New Zealand is legendary, so Sean really wanted to go all out with flowers. Gorgeous green gerbera daisies, blush pink lilies the size of a dinner plate, and hundreds of silvery white roses ensured the air was thick with perfume on that beautiful summer day.

One of the most famous chefs in New Zealand, Chef Kent Baddeley, put together a magical ten course dinner for the occasion, each dish showcasing New Zealand’s finest. Typically, Sean and Anton would craft the perfect menu down to the smallest detail but surprise was the order of the day. The chef made sure each course was a new adventure with that unique Kiwi flair New Zealand is famous for. Lamb, duck, green-lipped mussels, and of course the famous olives made for a culinary experience that exhausts all superlatives.

Weddings can be stressful, but by relinquishing control to the professionals and trusting them to do their jobs, Sean and Anton were able to laugh and smile on this carefree day. They focused on themselves and their family rather than whether or not the caterer brought enough wine glasses…he didn’t, but who cares? There were many joyous tears all around the olive grove that beautiful day, a day of magic and joy. Sean still tears up as he remembers, “To see my son’s eyes welling up as the officiant pronounced us a family for life is one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced. After four long, horrific years in foster care, my children finally had what they so desperately yearned for all their young little lives—a family of their own.

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