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Bliss Life Magazine | Fall 2019 Making a Difference Issue

Sep 12, 2019 04:31PM ● By Kristy Mc Lean

Bliss Life Magazine Fall 2019 Making A Difference Issue


At Bliss Life Media we believe that people are generally good and they like to do good things. We also believe in the Law of Attraction; positive thoughts, actions, and energy bring positive experiences into one’s life.

Even still, it never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful organizations are out there creating bliss in so many different ways...or how many volunteers give so freely of their time, their kindness, and their financial support to pay it forward and make a difference in the world.
Our Bliss Life fall theme is “Making a Difference.” Inspired by our cover model, Madeline Delp @liveboundlessgirl (look her up on Instagram - she’s amazing!), we set out to tell the stories behind people and businesses who are making a difference and doing extraordinary things.

The past few months have been a truly blissful exploration of giving hearts and charitable contributions but the task of narrowing down which stories to feature in print was nearly impossible. In fact, we ended up extending our print deadline (twice!) because we kept meeting more amazing people and learning of more inspiring stories that we simply could not stop. But, we had to draw the line somewhere so we’ve given you a sampling here in print and have decided to dedicate September on to our Making a Difference theme.

The great thing about taking these stories online is that at any given moment you are only a click away from an inspirational story that can change the direction of your day...and perhaps the course of your life.

We want more! Please share your stories of goodwill, gratitude, and greatness by emailing [email protected] Let’s flood the internet with Bliss!

Sincere thanks go out to all of our do-gooders, storytellers, and sponsors for sharing their bliss - your smiles and positive energy prove that the key to living a blissful life is sharing your bliss with others.

Now, go out there and be bold. be brave. be remembered. and be #BlissAF

Leslie McCarroll - Founder/Publisher

Kristy McLean - Executive Editor

Lindsay Rohlfsen - Creative Director

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