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Joanna & Douglas - Fairy Tale Wedding

Apr 06, 2019 05:50PM ● By Adriane Schwartz

Joanna Krupa & Douglas Nunes tie the knot in a fairy tale wedding at Benedictine Abbey in Krakow, Poland.

Joanna Krupa is a world famous Polish American model and actress known for her roles on The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing with the Stars Season 9. In August 2018, Joanna lived a true fairytale wedding when she married businessman Douglas Nunes in Krakow, Poland. Joanna sat down with Bliss Life Editor Adriane Schwartz to share all the romantic details of her whimsical castle wedding at the ancient Benedictine Abbey. What makes this tale even more like the pages of the storybook? The groom did most of the wedding planning!

Adriane: At what moment did you know Douglas was the one?

Joanna: When we met everything happened quickly and I knew almost immediately that he was the one. He has the most honest face and I truly could see myself having a family with him. On our first date he invited me out to dinner, and then the second date he cooked for me. He is the opposite of Hollywood and he's as real as real can be. I needed balance in life so I was so happy to find a normal guy. After only one month, we already knew we wanted live together. 

Adriane: How did he propose?

Joanna: We had talked about getting engaged and I knew he was purchasing a ring, so I wasn't completely shocked by the proposal. I just didn't know when it would happen. Douglas always likes how I talk to my dog in Polish – I’m always saying, “Give me your paw," so Douglas asked me to give him my paw!  I was half asleep and thought I was dreaming so I was slow to react-he was a little disappointed that I didn’t jump up and down, it was sweet. The ring was exactly what I wanted. I am very lucky.

Adriane: Did you envision yourself getting married a second time?

Joanna: After my first marriage didn't work out, my outlook on life had changed and I thought maybe I’m supposed to be single. Even though I’ve dreamt of having a family and marriage seemed right, I didn’t chase it – I was in no hurry before I met Douglas…it was a nice surprise.

Adriane: What steps did you take to prepare for the wedding?

Joanna: We got engaged in March and were married in August. Between those months, I was shooting Poland’s Next Top Model so I didn't have a lot of time. I always take care of my skin and self-tan to keep a nice glow! We got married in Poland with very little planning time, so we were thrilled to get the church we wanted. It was the only available date all year so the timing was perfect.

Adriane: You know a lot about fashion having modeled for so many years. What style were you going for when you chose your wedding dress?

Joanna: Since my husband is very conservative and prefers me in a more classic style of clothing, he wanted my look to be the complete opposite of my first wedding. He actually said I looked like a show girl in my original wedding dress. It was a different time, and I would never choose that dress today. I chose a dress I knew he would love. It was beautiful, conservative, and sexy all at the same time. It was white, off the shoulders, simple, chic, classy, and very Jackie O! 

Adriane: Tell me a little bit about your wedding bouquet and flowers?

Joanna: For my first wedding, I had over 30 thousand peonies, this time my wedding was more about my groom and my family. I texted my family and asked them to help me get Lily of the Valley flowers. We wanted a romantic, simple, fairytale wedding, but not too over the top. It was a smaller group, about 30 people. They were all of the closest people to me and those who flew in were mostly family.

Adriane: How did you choose the perfect location for both of you? And why did you choose it?

Joanna: It really was meant to be. Douglas picked my favorite spot near to where I grew up and he found everything for me. He found a fairytale castle and one of the oldest churches in Krakow with an amazing view. He knew what I loved, and he even chose the restaurant I loved. He did so well, people book their weddings two years in advance and almost everything was booked up. Our dinner was on an outdoor patio. The reception had simple flowers and gorgeous hanging lights. It was so romantic and everything I'd envisioned. It was a beautiful location and our dinner was delicious. At 11:00pm after our wedding festivities, we all went to Karaoke, laughed and sang for hours. We had a blast.

Adriane: What made your wedding so special to you? 

Joanna: Our family had a place in Krakow, Poland when I was growing up, so that spot in the world is special in my heart. We used to travel to Krakow to visit my aunt, who is no longer with us, so having my wedding there felt like she was able to celebrate with us. I am so grateful for such an amazing day, and Douglas did a lot of the planning which makes it even more special.

Adriane: What do you and Douglas value most in your marriage and what do you think are the key ingredients to a lasting, loving marriage?

Joanna: No two people are identical, and no relationship is perfect. You have to be open and willing to compromise. I believe that the key ingredient is communication and being open with your feelings. Talking about issues is the most important element to keeping a marriage healthy. Marriage is constant work, but when you truly love someone it is worth every bit of effort.

Special Thanks to all who contributed to Douglas & Joanna's special day:

Photo Credit: Pawel Sarota

Makeup : Gosia Urbanska
Hair: Ewa Pieczarka
Joanna’s dress: Sylwia Romaniuk Couture 
Douglas’s suit: Armani
Church: Tyniec Abbey
Restaurant for the reception : Kogel Mogel
Location: Kraków, Poland