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Blue Moon Dreams – Making Dreams Come True

Sep 10, 2019 08:00AM ● By Leslie McCarroll

Everyone knows that the key to a successful event, camp, or fundraiser is the swag! Branded water bottles, t-shirts, umbrellas, pens, stress balls, earbuds…who doesn’t love a good tchotchke?! Dave Sutherland, owner of SWAG Blue, undoubtedly appreciates the value of quality promotional items and apparel and will design and brand nearly anything you can possibly think of. Bliss Life Publisher Leslie McCarroll had a chat with Dave to learn more about Blue Moon Dreams, SWAG Blue’s way of supporting the local community and making dreams come true.  Check it out…

BL: Tell me about the history of SWAG Blue:

DS: SWAG Blue has seen many rebirths over the years – all with the goal of providing better service, quality product offerings and becoming a more beneficial community partner. We recently rebranded from SWAG Blue Moon to SWAG Blue. SWAG Blue consists of three companies that are now operating as one; Intraform Inc., Advertising Specialties (AD SPEC), and Blue Moon.

The combined business experience between the three companies is over 100 years and includes graphic design, print, promotional product sales, and e-commerce websites for some of the most prominent businesses locally and nationally. As a testament to how diverse our company has become, we now are listed as the 44th largest Print and Promotional company in the United States based on total sales as of 2018.

BL: That is impressive! Congratulations! What’s even more impressive is how you pay that success forward with Blue Moon Dreams. How did Blue Moon Dreams come about?

DS: The Blue Moon Dreams platform was created to streamline our efforts to assist charities and non-profits in our area. We realized that having a website dedicated to charitable involvement would allow us to efficiently determine where our resources would be spent. We review each request that comes in through the website and determine if and how much assistance we are able to provide.

Annually, we donate between $75,000 to $100,000 per year through both monetary donations and in-kind donations such as backpacks, tote bags, coats, and other apparel related items.

BL: What type of charities does Blue Moon Dreams support?

DS: We typically support charities where we see the money and donations stay local. The Boy’s and Girl’s Club, The Solace Tree, Step 2, The First Tee of Northern Nevada are just a few of the many charities we support. Overall, I would estimate that we donate to about 30 different charities in one way or another. While we are unable to fulfill every request received through our Blue Moon Dreams site, giving back to this community is a key tenant of our company philosophy, and we strive to contribute in any way we can.

BL: How has Blue Moon Dreams transformed someone’s life?

DS: I can’t speak to transforming anyone’s life – we leave that to the non-profits that we support. However, we hope that our contributions and in-kind donations help to mitigate their costs so they can utilize their budget to achieve their objectives. The anecdotal evidence we receive from the charities we support is a nice bonus, though! Oftentimes, we’re tagged on social media in photos of children wearing our shirts, carrying our backpacks, or having fun with our promo items – those photos are priceless.

BL: How does a charity get involved with Blue Moon Dreams?

DS: The website is, there is an application form to fill out. It requires the requester to provide proof of a 501(C)3 status or a non-profit certificate. We have a team of employees that review the requests and collaborate on the decision as to what extent we are able to grant the dream request. We love being presented with new opportunities to give back and we encourage qualified organizations to apply anytime!

SWAG Blue’s home base is at 1375 Greg Parkway, Suite 105, Sparks, Nevada, 89431 but their product catalogs and Blue Moon Dreams application are only a click away at