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MOB Beauty Cosmetics - Local Mom Creates Feel Good Makeup Line

Sep 06, 2019 06:33PM ● By Shannon Bonetti

For most of us, applying our “face” is part of our daily routine, but have you ever really stopped to think about what’s in your makeup? 

Research shows the average woman absorbs roughly five pounds of toxic chemicals a year using beauty products. 

From cosmetics and perfumes, to personal care, feminine hygiene products, and everything in between, we slather more than one hundred different chemicals all over our face and body every single day. 

 Local mom and hairstylist Honorine Nevin came up with a safe solution, MOB Beauty Cosmetics. 

“I wanted something that would not only make you look good, but a product that’s also good for you.” 

She created her own beauty line that’s paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and cruelty free. 

“I began researching how to make your own makeup about a year ago, and I started working with a developer who listed every ingredient on their website. That way I could pick and choose what I wanted in my makeup.” 

She’d order different products and try them out for months at a time. She named her company MOB, which stands for, “Mom of Boys.” 

“I want to obviously make money, but my goal is to really just make people happy. I have a lot of customers who aren’t super into makeup that truly love my products, they feel safe using them and that makes me feel good.” 

Not only are her products thoughtfully made, they’re also budget-friendly. “You could spend a fortune creating a makeup line, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted it to be affordable for everyone out there.”

Beauty Products that Multitask Like a Boss...Like YOU!

Several of Honorine’s products are also dual purpose, meaning they do double duty for a quick streamlined look. “My highlighters and eyeshadows are interchangeable. I also have a high definition pigment product that can be added to lip-gloss, hair gel, lotions, nail polish… whatever, for a little touch of color.”

“After having kids, my skin just wasn’t the same. I’ve had three boys and my hormones have changed; I was breaking out. I needed something that didn’t contain a bunch of toxins, just simple straight-forward products.” - Honorine Nevin, Founder of MOB Beauty Cosmetics and Mom of 3 Boys

Available online at and in select stores, Honorine has a huge selection of products. 

“I’m always researching new stuff. Every day I have something to look forward to. Right now, I’ve got foundation, lip-gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, lipliner, mascaras, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadows and eyebrow wax – I also have an eyebrow line coming out soon.”

Honorine hopes to partner with local stores as her company continues to grow. 

“I’m not in a rush to push it out there. I think that’s what makes it fun. If this could eventually turn into my full-time job that’d be great, but for now I’m just taking it day by day. And I love it.”

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