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Big Hearts Make Big Checks - Reno Buick GMC Cadillac Making a Difference “One Brick at a Time...”

Sep 10, 2019 08:00AM ● By Kristy McLean

#WeAreCommunityDriven - Reno Buick GMC Cadillac Team presenting $59,400 to Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza in Sparks, NV. Photo Courtesy of Reno Buick GMC Cadillac

It was 9:00 am on March 28, 2019. I’m scurrying around, most likely tying up loose ends on an editorial for the upcoming issue of Bliss Life and it’s my husband’s birthday. Now, Kris McLean is a good man. He is a great dad, a U.S. Air Force veteran, a hard-working self-made man who only has love to give. He truly deserves the best. So, I’m racking my brain trying to think what I can do to make his birthday special; should’ve thought about this at least a few weeks ago but you know how it is, life is busy, we’ve been married 17 years and honestly the guy doesn’t want for much so it’s hard to figure out what to gift him.

We had been looking at trucks for a few weeks. My lease was coming due on my GMC Acadia and Kris, being the responsible chap that he is, knew he would be commuting a lot so he sold his truck and opted for a lovely Ford Fusion that gets great gas mileage. Mind you, Kris is 6’4” and a Ford Fusion is a bit of a tight squeeze. So, after a couple of years we decided it was his turn and we’d get him a truck and I’d drive the Fusion until we make our millions and we can both drive whatever we want. One can dream!

Then, a lightbulb goes off…

I have a meeting in downtown Reno at noon and Dinner with Kris and a couple of friends at 6. So, after my meeting I figure I have 5 hours, plenty of time to buy a truck! So, I do a quick Google search and find the Reno Buick GMC happens to have a pre-owned Chevy Silverado in stock that is exactly in our price range. I hop in my Acadia and drive on over and go barreling into the dealership to tell them my plan. Matt Kelly greets me with a smile and listens as I tell him my plan about how we’re going to lickety-split turn in my lease and I’m going to drive off the lot with that Chevy Silverado by 5:30 pm to surprise my husband for his birthday. Matt loves my plan and sure enough, I drive off that lot in a bright and shiny silver Chevy Silverado at about 5:49 pm and made it to dinner just a few minutes after 6. 

 Kris happened to be standing outside as I pulled up and the surprise couldn’t have been more perfect. Everyone at that dealership from sales to finance to the administrative staff was on board with pulling this plan off and it was amazing.

A few weeks later, I go on to meet with Doreen Hicks, Director of Marketing for Reno Buick GMC, on some Bliss Life business. During that meeting, I learn of Reno Buick GMC’s passion for supporting U.S. Veterans. I also learn that they are locally owned and operated, and committed to serving their employees, customers, and community. With their motto, “Do the Right Thing. Be the Best,” and #WeAreCommunityDriven campaign, it is clear that Reno Buick GMC Cadillac isn’t just here to sell cars, they have heart and they are committed to giving back.

On March 29th, 2019, the very next day after Matt Kelly and team went above and beyond to give my favorite U.S. Veteran an amazing birthday surprise, Doreen Hicks and the Reno Buick GMC Cadillac team were at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza at the Sparks Marina in Sparks, Nevada presenting a check for $59,400 in support of Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza’s mission to preserve and honor the legacy of our fallen Nevada service men and women. This memorial will fully thank and memorialize the military who have given their lives so that we can be a free nation and state. It is a statewide memorial and all current 834 Servicemen and Women from all counties will be enshrined there. All future Servicemen and Women who lose their lives in service to our country will also be honored at the Plaza. Every year a special program will take place that honors their memory.

In 2017, Reno Buick GMC Cadillac demonstrated the dealership’s ongoing commitment to “Pay It Forward,” by pledging to donate a “brick” for each car purchased during the months of February, March, and April, to the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza. Customers participated by etching their plaza brick with their name or personal message to salute and honor a veteran. Now, 594 proud Reno Buick GMC Cadillac customers’ engraved bricks will line the plaza in tribute to our Nevada Veterans.

Reno Buick GMC Cadillac proudly supports the local Reno community and with the support of its customers, this campaign reflects the dealership’s continual commitment to give back.  The loyal customers of Reno Buick GMC Cadillac played a critical role in building the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza, “One Brick at a Time.”

For more information about Reno Buick GMC Cadillac, please visit or contact Doreen Hicks, Director of Marketing, at 775.333.8765 or [email protected]

To learn more about how you can help support the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza, please visit