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The Power of Reiki - Raising Your Vibration to Get Results

Sep 07, 2019 09:05AM ● By Jessica Hudson

Photo by: David Marshall Fleming

I was a top performer in the corporate world for ten plus years and was no stranger to working 10-12 hour days, sometimes six to seven days a week. No matter how hard I worked and how many hours I put in, I never seemed to have enough. I went to college, I got my degree, I had great internships and references, so why was I stuck on this rat wheel that never led to the joy and abundance that was always promised?

One of the biggest problems I see is that people are unhappy. We let our work lives bleed into our home lives and our home lives bleed into our work lives. We are unhappy with our looks, our health, our addictions, our stress. We find ourselves wondering...

Is this it? Is this the life we came here to live?

Reiki is “spiritually guided” Universal Life Force Energy scientifically proven to accelerate the healing process of virtually every known illness. It is used for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. When we become aligned through the healing power of Reiki, we shed all fears and illusions we have created in our lives and attract all things that are for our highest and greatest good. 

From Corporate to Connected

Since attending my first Reiki course four years ago, I became awakened to the truth, a way of living I never thought was possible. I was not a victim of circumstance. I had control and I was finally given the glue that put my entire life together. The puzzle pieces aligned. I knew exactly why I’d been through the hardships of my past and exactly why I was here. 

I was physically attuned to high vibrational energies I had never experienced before, connecting me with the Divine and my Spirit. I received heightened awareness and intuition which allowed me to confidently pursue my path, knowing I was being led in the right direction.

I am grateful to say I have transitioned out of corporate, coming into my Divine Feminine Power as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. It is my mission to awaken and empower women, children, and men to remember who they are and help them align with their soul purpose.

Today, I am blessed to share these teachings and healings with many business owners and corporate leaders in Reno, helping them attract the right clients, recruit the best staff, run operations more smoothly, remove blockages to abundance, and more effectively balance work and family life. 

Reiki at Work for Business Network International: Battle Born Division 

I was asked to join Business Network International: Battle Born Division in February 2019 as their Growth Coordinator and I’m proud to say that everyone's businesses are flourishing since they have incorporated the healing power of Reiki into their lives. It is so important that we know how to care for our whole selves; body, mind, and spirit. 

Many of the most successful people in the world attribute their success to energy work, meditation, and self-care. Why not you? 

It is time to stop settling and start thriving! To learn how Reiki can make a difference in your life, contact Jessica to schedule a session! 775-342-5556, text messages welcome; or email [email protected] For more information, visit

**Mention Bliss Life Magazine and your first session is entirely free**

 "When I walked into my first session with Jessica, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical and didn't know what to expect. But, I kept an open mind and followed Jessica's welcoming and compassionate lead. It's like meditation but different. It's truly amazing how Reiki gives you this sense of clarity and alignment with your true purpose. Feeling unsure about a job change, or wavering on an important decision? Go try Reiki! You will be amazed at how clear your path becomes, your worries fade, and you adopt a general sense of calm and optimism about your future." 

~ Kristy McLean, Bliss Life Magazine Executive Editor


Jessica Lynn Hudson is a Certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Educator and Speaker. She has published multiple articles, has been interviewed on the Reno Tahoe Tonight Show, and shared her wisdom on podcasts. She has joined the Bliss Life family as their Spiritual Health and Wellness Writer where she can combine her passion for journalism and spiritual healing to help educate and raise the vibration of our community.


















To learn how Reiki healing can make a difference in your life, contact Jessica to schedule a session! Phone: 775-342-5556 | Email: [email protected] |