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Eat Yourself Fit

Dec 16, 2012 06:29PM


By Angie Christine

Do you struggle with healthy eating? You know that familiar  saying that abs are made in the kitchen, right? For some of you, when you get in the kitchen, your abs are yelling to your brain that they want to eat more and faster. I have the perfect solution to put your abs and your brain on the same page, or maybe the same plate.

Knife and Fork Lift is one of those crazy inventions that can be found on several news programs, including the Today Show and Ellen. Being a part of those who have had the chance to review this item, I am honored. Thanks to Tom, creator of Knife and Forklift, for my set, which are now on display in my home gym.

So what exactly is Knife and Fork Lift? Simply put, they are a set of metal dumbbells with a knife and a fork attached. You ask yourself is this a gimmick or for real? No question about it, they are for real. Tom explains he made them to slow your eating and make you conscious of your food decisions. As you eat with these 1.5-pound silverware dumbbells, you will be constantly reminded of your workout earlier or the one you have yet to complete. You will also be thinking about those bad food choices, which weigh you down, just like your new silverware.

They honestly seem much heavier than 1.5 pounds. I chalk this up to your brain playing tricks on you. If you were to pick up a dumbbell in the gym, at 1.5 pounds, you would think it's extremely lightweight. But to pick up your fork at 1.5 pounds, your brain automatically tells you it's too heavy to be silverware. At least this was my experience. Are you  going to build muscle while you eat? Not really. They are just a good reminder of your ultimate health and fitness goals.

This photo shows the actual size of the knife and fork, as they sit on my plate. Being made of stainless steel, they are not dishwasher safe and are not recommend to be used with glass tabletops. Dropping one of these on glass would be saying goodbye to your table.

These make a great gift for this upcoming holiday season for the fitness in your life. Give them to a friend to show how proud you are of their weight loss and that you support them.  They retail for $39.95 for the set. A spoon has also been created by Knife and Fork Lift, but is so popular that they are currently out of stock.