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Nightlife Nutrition

Aug 27, 2014 09:26PM
Brain Bandage is scientifically formulated to help you party harder and recover faster just in time for more wild nights out. The ingredients in this supplement were hand selected by our CEO, who is an exercise science graduate, to optimize your nightlife experiences while maintaining and promoting health. In such, you ensure that your body is well protected and that your brain is primed to release serotonin to release on the dance floor. This supplement promotes serotonin production with the primary function of enhancing your level of fun while raging as well as preventing post party depression. It also assists in minimizing muscle cramps and jaw clenching often associated with festivals, clubbing and raves. Further, it provides your body with an abundance of antioxidants to help fight free radicals while helping you recover from a night out as quickly as possible.

The second product Nightlife Nutrition created is LifeLine. This supplement talks to the damage that can occur from what we consume, especially toxins that often accompany partying. LifeLine is an all-in-one internal cleansing and nourishment agent made using clinically proven ingredients. It works by helping to keep liverLifeLine enzymes within normal range, promote nutrient and protein digestion and metabolism, and supports normal liver cell regeneration and detoxification through removal of toxic substances and waste from the blood.

In relation to dosages, Brain Bandage is typically taken before bed in a 3 capsule dosage. However, if the user is aware of a party they are recommended to begin taking it two days before a hard night of partying and follow Brain Bandagethis protocol until two days after. Users are recommended to take Brain Bandage on the night of the event itself as well at approximately 4-6 hours after the cessation of partying. LifeLine is recommended to be taken daily with a 4 capsule dosage.

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Nightlife Nutrition