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He Dumped You? Embrace it with these steps!

















by Melissa Blosser

Most of us have all been there, heartbreak city, when that guy you thought was Mr. forever breaks the news that he really isn’t feeling the same way you do.  When a relationship goes awry and your heart feels like it’s never going to be whole again the first thing you might want to do is open a bottle of wine grab chocolate, fried food and submerge yourself into a food comma.

Although this might not be too bad in the first 24 hours, if you find yourself with a trash can full of wine bottles and candy wrappers it might start to affect your waist line and mental state of mind.   If you find yourself moping about try to rechannel that energy, find your inner strength and streamline your feelings into a self loving work out.

If you’re moping around after a breakup, here are some tips to stay motivated and channel your energy:

1. Celebrate your freedom

The tendency to go back and beg your ex to take you back will be overwhelming, but remember  these feelings will soon disappear. He broke up with you for a reason, so protect yourself from further hurt by staying away from him and celebrate your freedom.  Search out those gal pals you have neglected and hit the gym or try out a new group class.

2. Start to understand yourself

You are going to go through periods of extreme emotion.  Recognize them, and when you are searching out food for comfort be aware of your emotions.  When you are aware, it is easier to control them, so go for a brisk walk, and make  a mind body connection by becoming aware of the sounds and scenery around you.

3. Make an Empowering Playlist

There is nothing more powerful then music to get you motivated and there are all kinds of empowering songs to bring out your inner breakup and help you sweat out the blues.  Choose from Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Fergie, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lopez.  Think about the lyrics, and find your strength.

4. Stay busy

The perfect solution for a broken heart is a busy mind and a tired body; so throw yourself into a new workout routine.  Even though you might not feel like it, focus all your energy into getting in shape. The success you achieve will make you feel much better about yourself, and it signifies the beginning of the healing process , plus exercise releases endorphins, so you will feel great all over.

5. Take it one day at a time

Just like losing weight or working out, you won’t see results overnight.  Time is the greatest healer of all things and time will allow you to make healthy improvements physically and mentally.  If you have a bad day, forget about it and wake up everyday just thinking about what you are going to accomplish in that one day.

The point here is to do something that is healthy and engaging for your mind and your body.  Sometimes people put so much energy into their relationships that they rarely make time for themselves. The fragile time after a break up is the perfect opportunity to find that inner goddess!