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How to Get Off the Couch

Jul 21, 2013 03:28PM

How to Get Off the Couch

How To Get Off The Couch

by John Caylor

Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Expert


Everyone wants to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.  Sadly, you are likely spending most of your days at a desk and most of your afternoons on the couch.

Stop!  It is time for you to start reaching your goals rather than merely dreaming about them. The first step? Find the motivation to get off your couch and make a realistic weight loss plan.


Using your Goals for Motivation

To kick start your weight loss journey, you must first have the motivation to do so.  Many people attempt to lose weight without thinking about what their primary motivation is.  If you do not have the motivation, your weight loss journey is likely going to end very quickly.

Stop and take a few hours to ponder why you are considering losing weight.  Ask yourself “what is the primary reason that is causing me to think about weight loss?”

For many people with a weight issue, a primary goal could be to reduce their weight such that they feel healthy.  Making your mind think of “health-related goals” instead of “weight loss-related goals” can be a great motivator.

For others, the main factor to begin losing weight is merely to look better.  Whatever your goals may be, use them to motivate yourself to begin your weight loss journey.  That goal should be the main motivator to get you off the couch regardless of whether you want to improve your cholesterol levels or fit in your favorite pair of jeans.


Plan, Plan, Plan

Now that you have the motivation to get off your couch, what do you do?  Begin planning!

Kick starting your weight loss without sufficient planning will likely lead to failure.  Take the time to develop a plan by doing your own research or speaking to an expert.  Your plan should use a combination of diet and exercise that is best suited to your lifestyle.


Now What?

Now that you have the motivation and a plan in place, it’s time for you to keep both of them in mind and tackle your weight loss.  If you ever feel that you are drifting away from the weight loss process, stop and reassess your motivation and your plan.  Taking the time to reflect on what has worked and what has not worked is the best way to find what best suits your lifestyle.

And as always, be sure to consult your physician before making drastic changes to your diet or workout plan.