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How to Rise and Shine with the Best of Them ~ A quartet of tips to get up better, faster, stronger

Mar 31, 2013 08:46PM

Phillips Sunrise (2)

How to Rise and Shine with the Best of Them

A quartet of tips to get up better, faster, stronger

By Susan Thorn

People that get up faster and better than you are not any different than you. It’s like cardio, they don’t like it any more than you do, or do they? Getting up better most often happens by creating a life that is better out of bed than it in. When your life long daytime dreams become better than the sleepy dreams you sleep at night, you’ve met your sleepy-dreamy girl match.

In recent studies results have shown that getting up early can mean everything from boosting a 3.0 GPA to a 4.0 in no time, to actually being skinnier than your “sleep in late” office mate. Now there’s an added incentive!   In a study reported in LiveScience in 2012 researcher Renee Biss reported that past research on young adults suggests that morning people report feeling happier than night owls. Morning people aren’t just more chipper as the sun rises; they seem to have an overall sunnier view on their entire life. So how can you get from cold and groggy to fired up and ready for your day? Here are four uber sunny tips to have you “up and at em” with the rest of the early birds in the world!

  1. First things first! Plan your day before it starts! If you are trying to become a morning person get yourself ready the night before. One mood killer is waking up to thinking about all the things you have to do before you get out the door. If you are going to the gym, get your workout clothes ready. Pack your gym bag. Get your food organized in the fridge so you can grab and go.
  1. The day can’t start until you get up. You actually have to pry your fingers off the snooze and let your feet hit the floor. Doing that takes an insane amount of discipline and will power for the night owl in all of us. If this is the tough part for you, do it in stages. Start by advancing your wake-up time by 15 minutes a day in weekly increments. Do this a week at a time for four weeks, or until you are up when you want to be. If you are currently up at seven and want to get up at six give yourself a one month rise and shine boot camp. Somehow 15 minutes a week for four weeks is easier on the soul than doing it all at once. The most important thing is to resist the urge to linger in bed.
  1. Move toward the light! There is a beaming amount of research out there that touts the effects of light and sleeping patterns. There are a lot of new gadgets out there for shedding some light on your morning wakeup routine. Phillips has the best rated out there but beware-they are pricey.   There are some great new apps that do the same for a few dollars. Wake Up Light is a very special alarm clock for your Mac. It wakes you up with a full screen gradually brightening light to help you feel more energized all day. The beautiful sunrise effect is a natural cue for your body to naturally increase the level of feel good hormones.

I use the Wake Up Pro HD by Apple for iPad. It was a cheap $1.99. This version gives you options on snooze time (Be careful!) I set mine to every 2 minutes. It also has a variety of sounds to choose: from birds and crickets, to seagulls at the ocean.


  1. Last but not least, we all do better when we are looking forward to something good. Plan the most favorite activities at an early time in the day, doing that serves to motivate you to get up and do it. We’ve all heard that you should get the tough stuff out of the way first haven’t we? Who gets excited about that? I disagree! Life is short, do what you love. What if you spend all of your best time on the tough stuff and you never get around to the really cool stuff? It’s like desert, do what you love first. Getting up and diving into what you are passionate about will absolutely give you a reason to rise and shine.
Remember-As the days get longer getting up earlier will only get easier. Additional research has also shown that getting up early is a trait we improve upon as we age. By the time we hit 60 most all of us are pretty good at the early bird routine. But listen; don’t wait until you’re sixty huh? There are a whole lot of good things in life that happen early. If you chronically hit the snooze though life you’re destined to miss out!