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How NOT to eat- The 7 Deadly Sins!

Mar 27, 2013 08:27PM

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How to not eat-The Seven Deadly Sins

Susan Thorn

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How many times have you said to yourself “That’s it, I am never eating again!” And in the words of your BFF, aren’t you so very tired of hearing her groan “If I eat today just shoot me!”  Let’s face it, we all have to eat. Eating, not just eating, but eating right fuels us. Eating right makes your hair and skin glow. Eating right lowers your cortisol. Eating right keeps your head in the game. Eating right will make you hot! Literally! Eating right can be damn sexy! Remember When Harry Met Sally? Healthy eating is not a sin! Manga!

Maybe it’s not the eating that’s crumbling your progress, maybe it all boils down to HOW you are doing it. When it comes to healthy eating mix it up, and…….DON’T do this!

  1. First and foremost, don’t eat crap! Most times your frustrations and vows to “never eat again” come after you have gone on some crazy indulgent foodie and beverage binge. Fact #1-You will never hear a healthy fit chick say “I am never eating again.” Everyday consume a healthy diet that is a balance proportion of proteins, carbs, and good healthy fat. Fuel up!
  2. Don’t skip breakfast! If you are skipping breakfast to save calories, you are actually cheating your body out of calories it needs. Fact #2-While it is important to avoid excess calories, restricting calories can cause your body to hold on to excess weight. (
  3. Don’t let it get to your head!  The condition of your curly locks may actually be telling you something about the health of your body. Hairdressers say they can tell when a person is sick, even before the doctor knows. Stress, disease, poor diet, nutritional blunders can change the condition, feel and color of the hair. Fact #3-Your hair needs protein, B vitamins, Zinc, and amino acids. Eat!
  4. Don’t use time as an excuse for being bad! Let’s take that very poor excuse for eating bad. “I don’t have time and I don’t know how to cook or eat well.” Girl! Fact #4- You have to change your talk.  It really does not any skill or time to flatten some chicken breasts, (OR- an alternative, that adorable butcher would love to do it for you, trust me!)  fire up the grill, and grill up a weeks’ worth to put on a 100 Calorie bun or grace a spinach salad,…come on girl, don’t make excuses!
  5. Don’t cheat your hormones! Hormones are hott and healthy! Fact #5- Hormones build strong bones and hormones- hormones contribute to toned muscles and a healthy metabolism. Hormones can be found in beef and whole eggs and need healthy fat to be metabolized properly. Eat!
  6. Don’t chill! Eat foods that are known for heating things up! There are certain foods that have a positive effect on your metabolism. Fact #6-Broccoli, asparagus, ginger, grapefruit, and peppers will increase your metabolism. Google “foods that heat you up” and you will find a load of information!
  7. Last and most important, DON’T eat boat loads of food!  Don’t confuse comfort and your goals. Fact #7-Healthy eating is sexy! Really! Turn off the TV! Put away the technology! There is not one meal that doesn’t deserve your full on attention. Alone or with someone you love!

They say sex begins in the kitchen, a Healthy Fit Aphrodite says “Absolutely! “