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5 Tricks to get Celebrity Camera Ready!

Mar 16, 2013 03:06PM

Kyle Brown

5 Tricks I Use To Get Celebrities Camera Ready

by Kyle Brown~Celebrity Personal Trainer


With all of the award shows going on, celebrities are under the microscope the second they step onto the red carpet and therefore need to make sure they show up looking their best. Not only do they have to maintain good shape year round, knowing that the paparazzi could be lurking around any corner-- just waiting to catch an image of them in a moment of weakness. Yet when it’s awards season, celebrities must bring their A game. These celebs know that the TV shows about how they look at the awards shows are nearly as important to their brand as the awards themselves.


Having worked with many celebrities and professional athletes over my 11-year training career, I’ve had to implement these secrets countless times. They always work as long as the celebrities are in the right mental state to put forth their best effort.


Here are 5 tricks to getting camera ready before the big dance:


1) Water load then deplete


When I start working with a celebrity, they are usually looking for the competitive edge. They want a little magic pill or energy drink that will increase their energy, improve their stamina, and give them ultimate fat-burning. Sadly, such a solution doesn’t exist. The answer doesn’t come in a pill—it actually comes in a liquid. And it’s free! Water is the fountain of youth and nature’s most important substance for energy and weight management. Moreover, water helps alkalize your body, as it detoxifies and removes acid waste.


The biggest reason why water is the best fat burner on the planet is that it suppresses your appetite while it speeds up your metabolism. Our primary fuel as humans is a combination of water and minerals. We can survive days without food but we cannot last much more than 100 hours without water.


Frequently, when you’re feeling hungry, you may just be thirsty, and by the time you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated. And the small amount of water required to quench your thirst is generally not enough to hydrate the body. It only takes a slight dehydration to reduce your energy levels and performance and alter your ability to think clearly. So we load celebrities up with well over a gallon of quality water (depending on their size), and then cut back before the events. Anti-diuretic hormones can cause the body to retain water, which is why celebrities must consume a solid amount of water and then gradually decrease water intake to keep them low during water depletion before the event.


2) Reduce sodium and eat potassium-rich food


Salt is the camera’s worst enemy. High salt consumption leads to a bloated look and holding unnecessary water weight. However, you must be really careful when cutting sodium levels; as messing with the body’s delicate sodium/potassium balance can be not only unhealthy but fatal if done incorrectly. So with my celebrity clientele, I suggest simply not salting their food around award season and making sure they are eating potassium rich foods like salmon, halibut, and spinach.


3) Increase high intensity cardio to burn body fat and stored glycogen


I have celebrities make big increases to the amount of cardio they do before an awards show or other big event. We split cardio up into 2 high intensity workouts a day, so we shock the body twice in a day.  Since your body adapt to any stress you put upon it, you’ll start using stored sugar (muscle glycogen) and body fat as fuel. This action sets the celebs up for the next secret, which is carb deplete then carb load.


4) Carb deplete then load


I have celebrities cut out all starchy carbs roughly a week before an awards show. They are already eating as close to “Paleo” as possible year-round (animal protein, vegetables, and a little bit of fruit, with nuts, seeds, healthy oils), but they cut out the starchy vegetables.  I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but the night before the big event, they have a special, customized, low-glycemic, high carbohydrate meal.  You must be thinking, “What? Why eat carbs the night before the awards show? You’re trying to look lean not bloated!” The secret is that the sugar binds with the water in your cells and helps you remove water and actually leaves celebs with a lean, healthy look and high energy levels so they can work the cameras all night long. Remember, these are not just any carbs like bread or pizza-- but a precise combination of foods.


5) Eat fat to burn fat


When I cut down a celebrity’s carbohydrate intake yet increase their physical activity, their body needs dietary fat as a fuel to keep energy levels high and to handle those high intensity workouts. I choose dietary fats like coconut oil and avocado, which will help burn more body fat and has their skin looking radiant on camera. Coconut oil is the best fat-burning oil on the planet, and up to two tablespoons a day works like a carbohydrate for solid energy all day long.


These are just a few of the baseline tips that we use to get celebrities camera ready for the big day. Look for my new product “5 Day Camera Ready Cleanse” coming soon, where you can see what I did to lose 23 pounds in just 5 days (with no drugs or fat-burning supplements) and get your exact game plan to get camera ready for your big day.


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