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Why You Won't Reach Your Resolutions

Jan 03, 2013 07:25AM


By Micah Holley

All too often people create New Year’s resolutions, and all too often they create ones that fail. They make unrealistic goals for themselves, only to feel unaccomplished, sad, or even pathetic. These resolutions consist of getting a new body, eating healthier, and losing a bunch of weight fast. They don’t seem too unrealistic, do they? At first glance, no. So what makes these goals so unreachable?

I’ll tell you. It’s all about mentality. You really have to believe that you will accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Even an ounce of doubt can affect you rather greatly. I’ve compiled a list of five reasons you won’t accomplish your goal, as well as five reasons why you can.

You’ll Lose Focus—Fast

Have you noticed how packed gyms are in January? That's because people get the motivation bug and want to start the year fresh. The problem is keeping that motivation. Rather than focusing on the big picture, set smaller goals for yourself. You can map out your workouts each week, as well as create a food plan. Sitting down one day a week to plan these will keep your motivation going a lot longer than focusing on that six-pack you want by summer or the 50 pounds you wanted to lose in a month. Conquer the small things first!

You’ll Be Intimidated at the Gym

January is the hardest time to go to the gym. It’s crowded, the machines are taken, and the weights are being hoarded. It’s easy to lose focus when there are obstacles keeping you from your goal. Rather than becoming annoyed, find a quiet spot in the gym (be it the basketball court, spin room, group exercise room, or small spot on a mat) and alter your workout routine to what you have. Sure, the 15-pound weights might be taken. Grab lighter weights and do more reps. Treadmills are being hogged. Instead, grab a jump rope and do a 10-minute workout with that. Modify your workouts to fit the space you have at the gym. After January, quitters quit and the gyms are sure to die down. Don’t be one of those people who do quit.

You Can’t Afford It

I’ll be the first to admit that eating healthy is pricey. However, so is going out to dinner every night with your man. Put it into perspective. You’re more than likely to spend money on fast food and junk food than you are on fruits, vegetables, and protein. Take a look at your bank statement and compare the cost to a week’s worth of eating clean. Bad food adds up fast. With clean eating and food preparation, you will spend less on your weekly at-home menu than at your favorite restaurant and feel and look a hell of a lot better. Try it out this month and see the difference.

One Bite Can Lead to Binging

Again, it’s all about mentality. Caving into that donut will lead to you eating another one; better yet, it could lead you to eat the entire box. Portion control is very important. However, if you’re trying to lose weight fast, you don’t have room to cave. Focus on your goals when you catch yourself thinking about that sugary treat or greasy burger. Just think, detoxing your body takes about a week. But those biceps and abs last a whole lot longer. The end results are much more worth it.

You’ll Give Up If You Slip Up

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals if and when you do slip up. You might get caught up in the fact that you made a mistake and feel like a quitter. So you continue down that path instead of the one you want to be on. Throw some water on your face, take a deep breath, and take the pledge to be more optimistic. Everyone (even Jillian Michaels) makes mistakes. We’re only human, dear. Mistakes don’t define a person—the aftermath of those mistakes does. Focus on how far you’ve come instead of focusing on that one mistake. I guarantee your successes have outweighed your tiny mishaps.

There you have it! Instead of giving into these reasons why you won’t conquer your resolutions, thank about the many reasons why you will. It’s all about a positive outlook on your journey. Achieve the mental game and your physical gain will come soon after. Good luck, ladies. Aphrodite has faith in you. Tell us about your trials and tribulations of conquering your New Year’s resolutions.