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Starting Over in 2013

Dec 16, 2012 06:19PM


Starting Over

by Angie Christine

The New Year is approaching fast and it’s full of new hopes and dreams. With parties to celebrate the end of one season in your life and the beginning of another, you search to find the perfect dress for the countdown to midnight. As you try on dress after dress in the unflattering and horribly lit dressing room, you are reminded of the failed weight loss program from last year. You tried hard starting last January with eating right and exercising every day. Then you got busy. There were kids to take care of, your spouse needed you and other family events took over the plan. One excuse after another found it’s way onto your calendar.  Life just “got in the way”. You want to make that same commitment this year, but are unsure if you can even keep it longer than last time.


Here’s a thought:  Life is life. How can it get in the way of itself? Your life is what you make of it. Life didn’t “get in the way”. Your fitness schedule got run over by other plans. Yes, we all have commitments that include our jobs, kids, spouse, and extra curricular activities.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and that certainly got in the way of 2012’s plans. My life did a total 360. The key is to recognize these changes and adjust your dreams and plans to continue to work in the midst of uncontrolled events.


Being healthy and fit has to be a priority. You have an ultimate goal in mind and you must stick to the plan.  But most important, your number one goal must be to simply to be healthy. Sit down with a pen, paper, and calendar. This is your first effort to making time for yourself and your new life style. Plan out on the calendar, or use the one provided for you on your iPhone, iPad or other electronic devices, all of your workouts. Commit to your fitness like you would to any other plan. If you are asked to run an errand or to do yet another holiday get together, simply say no and stick to your original schedule. Will you miss out on a few things here and there? Yes, but you won’t find yourself missing another meeting in the gym. There is no workout that has ever been regretted.


It’s up to you. No one else can do this for you. When I was feeling up to doing some exercising again I attended a few physical therapy sessions. They told me I was already too advanced in what I knew regarding health and fitness, and I would be better off rehabilitating myself. As I had never dealt with breast cancer and reconstructive surgery before, I fumbled my way through stretches and light weights. I still don’t feel I know exactly what I am doing, but there is no one else that is going to do it for me. If I want success and I want my old body back, I have to be the one to put in the time and the effort and make a commitment to it.


Remember, when you get going, you will feel stronger and more motivated to keep pushing through. I have confidence in you.  Set your goals and lay it all on the line. If you have to, give yourself a reward when you reach a specific goal. Then set another one.  Don’t ever give up on yourself. Start a new life today!