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How to Say NO to Junk in Your Trunk


by Craig Nielson

Cookies and cakes and pies, oh my!  Holiday parties and family gatherings with loads of tasty treats that are plentiful and generously given.  Friends and family spend their time baking and preparing these treats with the expectation that you will enjoy them.  So what's a girl to do?

You don't want to add the extra pounds that come from eating these delicious foods, but you want to be able to enjoy them.  You don't want to appear rude to the people who have prepared the food by not eating them.  Fear not. Here are five tips on how to enjoy the treats of the holidays without gaining those unwanted pounds.



 Prepare yourself mentally before your holiday occasion.  Instead of creating worry about all the things you can't eat and have to avoid, think to yourself "I'll make healthy choices about food." This gets you out of the mode of thinking you can't eat this and you can't eat that which produces negative energy.


Serve Yourself

 Portion control is the idea here.  Focus on having the majority of what you eat be healthy choices.  Save the treats until after when your appetite is not as strong.  If you believe your host will want to dish up your plate, kindly request that you serve yourself as you want to be conscious of what you are going to eat.



 Enjoy desert in moderation.  Ask  to share your desert with a family member, your date or a friend who you are with.  Perhaps even someone new.  This is an easy way to cut the calories in half while still being able to enjoy it.


Be conscious

 Don't get stuck in front of the bowls of chips and dip mindlessly devouring them while you listen to whoever you are talking to tell you their life story.  A few chips and dip won't kill you but be aware of how much and how many.


Stand Your Ground

 A young woman I was working with who is in great shape and very conscious of what she eats  recently shared this with me.  She was out to dinner with friends and was being diligent about what she ordered and being in control of her portions.  A friend commented to her that she didn't need to be so concerned about how much she ate because she was in great shape and adding a few pounds wouldn't hurt her.   She replied by saying the reason she was in great shape is because she is conscious about what she eats.  She is happy and healthy as a result.  Good for her. Don't be influenced by others regarding what you eat.

Be sure to thank your friends and family for the food you enjoy.  Gratitude goes a long way in helping people feel appreciated for their efforts.

The holiday season is a time of celebration, fun, and happy times.  Be free to enjoy the treats of the season by being conscious of how you enjoy them.  Being aware and having a plan of what you eat will get you through the holidays with more enjoyment and less stress.