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Interview with Author Diane Kidman

Dec 16, 2012 07:04PM

Diane Kidman

By Angie Christine

Diane Kidman is a stay-at-home mom with a husband, a son, and a busy home life.  When her son was born, she started to wonder how she could raise him chemical free, healthy, and make better choices for her family and home. The research began and she started blogging about her experiences, good and bad, on dkmommspot. This site became a huge success with thousands of email subscribers across the world.

With an ever-growing interest in herbs and remedies, she pursued an education with the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.  Her heart grew toward teaching others about healthier choices, as her family grew healthier themselves.  Her son, now six, will pass on a bag of gummy bears for the chance to eat another avocado. He knows no other way. And he will forever remind you, “That’s not organic,” if you are seen eating processed foods in his presence.

Diane Kidman wrote her first book "Herbs Gone Wild" in August of 2012 and it quickly reached the top 10 in natural remedy books on Amazon.  Within a matter of months she published, "Beauty Gone Wild," "Hair Gone Wild," "Smoothie Power," and "Teas for Life."  She has a new release of "Nature to The Rescue; How to Build Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit."

Diane Kidman is a dear friend of mine, so we sat down for a chat.

Angie Christine: Diane thank you for taking the time to do this interview for the readers of Fit Aphrodite. Can you tell us what it means to you to take all the years of research and hard work, and put it into a book you can share with others?

Diane Kidman:  It makes me feel like all the work was worth it. Living a natural lifestyle and learning to be more self-reliant is something I feel passionate about; I’m even more passionate about teaching that to others, and being able to do that through writing is an honor.


AC: What is the most important thing you have learned along the way?

DK:  That I can provide for myself and my family; that if there was an emergency, I could literally take a walk in the woods and find something that would help us through many situations, no matter the season, no matter the illness.


AC: What have been the best experiment you have done and the worst?

DK:  The best experiment was probably going no ‘poo. I did it as a fun series for my blog, something that people could follow along with and watch me succeed or fall flat. But it turned out to be a big surprise – my hair improved, I saved a lot of money, and I never even get a split end anymore. This eventually resulted in the book  “Hair Gone Wild! Recipes & Remedies for Gorgeous Tresses.” The worst experiment? I don’t write about those, but I did make some really horrid smoothies while compiling recipes for “Smoothie Power! 101 Recipes for Weight Loss, Vitality, & the Occasional Superpower.” I’m sure the faces I made while drinking and dumping the results would have been great for a Candid Camera episode.


AC: Can you share with us something funny that happened during a remedy trial?

DK:  I used to have a knack of seeing how much of a particular herb I could take, then record the results. For instance, just how much kava can a person ingest before they hurl? (Kids, don’t try this at home. It’s a terrible idea.) I did indeed find out that kava has a hurl limit, and that while nothing else unseemly, you really, really do not want to go there. Really.


AC: Are readers going to find your books easy to follow? And is this something anyone can do?

DK:  I strive to make all my books easy to follow. It’s one of my biggest goals. Over the time I’ve studied herbalism, one thing I found frustrating in the beginning was that either the books were written for other herbalists who already knew the jargon or they were just pretty coffee table books that didn’t offer a beginner any real information. Herbalism is absolutely something anyone can do. It just takes a desire to learn and to experiment (without doing the overdose tests) and to make it a real part of your everyday life.


AC:  Which has been your favorite book to write and why?

DK:  That’s really hard to say. They all have a special place for me. “Teas for Life” was the hardest, without a doubt. It took a lot to boil that down into the simple format it turned out to have. But the most fun might have been the first, “Herbs Gone Wild”. I already had a good start to it before I spent a few exhilarating weeks in a coffee shop hammering it out. There was something really exciting about finally seeing it all come together, and I’ll always view that as a significant event in my life.


AC: You have graciously agreed to give away a set of two books to one of Fit Aphrodite’s subscribers. Which books have you chosen and why these two?

DK: I’ll be giving away “Hair Gone Wild” and “Beauty Gone Wild.” Those two give the reader a fun and easy way to replace all the chemicals in their beauty arsenal with clean, natural homemade products. The results cost pennies (I personally save hundreds every year over what I used to spend). Also, they tend to work better than even the most expensive beauty products out there. One reader told me she’d just paid $60 for a face wash that contained honey. She was shocked to find out she could use plain honey – and get better results!


AC: If you could just say one thing to our readers to encourage them to try this natural lifestyle for themselves, what would you say?

DK: Give one remedy a try. Just one. See what it does for you compared to the chemically stuff you have to pay for. If you like a pretty bottle, that’s fine – put the honey in an attractive container. But see how it compares. Homemade sugar hairspray? You’re out maybe three cents. If you don’t like it, dump it and go back to what you were doing, but try it. I’m sure you’ll be surprised.


You can find all of Diane Kidman’s books on Amazon for all of your e-readers. Or place an order for the book in print for quick reference to the many home remedy recipes available.