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Keeping an Angel Attitude

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Keeping an Angel Attitude- Yes even in trying times!

by Susan Thorn


We all know one. There is always some girl that seems to breeze through the holidays with a forever smile on her face. She lights up a room wherever she goes, always the life of the party. What gives? How does she keep such a great "angel" attitude all of the time? It’s not too hard! Here are some tips!

Copping an angel attitude every day starts with planning for the positive: expect great! Wake up early each day and plan your day. When you start out planning and expecting great, you can't help but attract great. That being said, there will be days! There will be days that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. That’s life! Like it or not, sometimes negative happens. You gotta roll with it and not allow the real you to get caught up in the drama and negativity. Don't own what isn't yours!

Stay in control. Just because you've figured out how to get beyond the triggers that make you grumpy, does not been everyone in your life has. We all get moody, we all have our moments: AND you must admit, you can pout with the best of them.  But don't let a grump control your attitude.

Gratitude! Start each day with thoughts of what you are grateful for. Focus on the positive. You are what you think-think good things. When you do cross paths with a grump in your day, allow your brain to wander back to what you are grateful for.

When all else fails break out the emergency kit! There are tools you have at your disposal that you may not think about when your devilish side creeps in. Before you break out your "devilish" pitchfork, go some of these.

  1. Give yourself some space-Remove yourself from the situation, get outside, walk the dog. Do something other than what is making you see red at the time. You can always come back to it later, or decide not to. Just because someone plops it in your lap does not mean you have to deal with it right now.
  2. Exercise-Take out the emotion at the gym. Activity in the form of the treadmill or lifting weights will get you back to your angelic self in 30 minutes or less. The over-abundance of stress hormones need a physical outlet-give them one!
  3. Turn up the music-Music is a great stress reliever! For some it is soothing classical or a great Italian Tenor, for others its hip-hop and dance. Whatever's your favorite, turn it up and enjoy!
  4. Breathe a sigh of relief-In a 2010 study published in Physiology and Behavior it was found that sighing triggers a response in our brain that helps us to recover from stress. Excess stress can be relieved with proper breathing. Certain practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and some forms of meditation focus on breathing techniques. Proper breathing soothes the autonomic nervous system.
Keeping an Angel Attitude is easy when you plan for the positive!