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Oct 19, 2012 07:14PM

Written by Kyle Brown Celebrity Personal Trainer & Nutritionist CEO of FIT 365 shakes

You grow up with their posters on your walls; you pretend to be them as you practice your favorite sports; you dream of one day walking in their footsteps, and you idolize them as real-life superheroes because they rise above the rest. But what is it like when these superstar athletes, actors and musicians choose you as their fitness coach?

Many people meet celebrities, get a photo taken with them, and then come home saying something like the celebrity was just a “normal guy.”  From my experience, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Celebrities are anything but normal. They have an unbreakable confidence, a competitive drive, and an ability to overcome rejection and adversity that elevates them to stardom. I’m not talking about your typical reality TV or Internet star, but a true celebrity who’s risen to stardom.

From my experience, most of these celebrities live the life of a champion. Yet what makes the celebrities I’ve trained true champions is that they have balanced an unstoppable drive with humility, warmth, and an infectious love for life. While I have heard horror stories from fellow celebrity trainers in LA, I think the type of celebrities who would move to a laidback and friendly city like San Diego has put me in the position of having nothing but positive experiences.

When I was just a toddler learning how to crawl, my aunt nicknamed me “The Tank.” I earned this nickname because no matter what obstacle got in my way, I would back up, reevaluate the situation, and find a way around it or through it. This transferred over to my professional life, where I’ve learned to overcome adversity. I learned that failures are a good thing if you can extract the life lessons and grow. Combine this level of drive and determination, a God-given talent, and being in the right place at the right time, and you have the makings of a celebrity.

A good glimpse into this mindset is Jeff Garcia, who played an astounding 17 years as an NFL quarterback. Jeff says, “The knowledge Kyle preaches is what separates the average athlete from the champion. I strive to be the best at everything I do. I realize that in wanting to be the best, I have to be willing to sacrifice and work. Perfection, dominance, excellence, and finishing are what I look to as an end result or accomplishment for my hard work and dedication. Whether I attain these goals depends upon my own attitude and my vision as to what I want to achieve on a daily basis. I know that when I train with Kyle, the emphasis is going to be a high-intensity, get-after-it-mentality that I like to call organized chaos. We have a plan, a purpose, and the goal to push myself beyond a level that I could ever reach when training on my own. Thanks Kyle, for always pushing me to that championship level that I expect from myself.”

A similarity amongst celebrities and elite CEOs I’ve trained is a high value for their time. They want the most efficient workout possible so they can get back to the rest of their day. Actress Debbe Dunning, a mother of three, whose most famous acting role was Heidi, the Tool Time Girl from “Home Improvement,” is a perfect example.  “As a working mother of three, I have to say that time is my most important asset. Kyle’s fitness and nutrition tips keep my health and fitness on the A-list so I can continue to work in Hollywood and have energy left for my family. The thing I like most about working with Kyle is that I get results faster and better than anyone I have worked with in the past.”