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Wine-ing for Good!

Sep 15, 2012 08:45PM

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Written by Rohan Notaney

Many wineries and wine companies do more than produce wine—they give away part of their income, as well! Below is a list of ways to give back to the community while enjoying your favorite Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet. Grab your checkbook and a glass of wine; we’re ready to wine for good!

The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas was founded in 1997 as a way to spread Texas wine and culinary culture, and to date has given away over 1.2 million dollars in the way of grants and scholarships.

You may leave with the same satisfaction when supporting Fledgling Wine, a company that donates five dollars of every bottle purchased to Room to Read, a charitable organization that seeks to end illiteracy in children and has already created over 10,000 libraries in impoverished areas in which good education is not readily available. This way, when you gift a person a bottle of Fledgling, you’re also supporting the education of millions worldwide. Visit them here.

One Hope Wine similarly supports children, albeit in different ways. Among the many charities for which they have raised a total of $750,000, two are inseparable from the plight of children worldwide—one being the Fight Against Autism and the other being their donation efforts to children’s hospitals in general. However, they also support charities that aim to fight breast cancer and AIDS, support our troops, and save our planet through environmental conservation and protection. Founded in 2007, One Hope continues to do good things through wine. Learn more here.

Cellar Angels, another wine company intent on changing the world, also places much emphasis on donating to medically-based charities, including the Ilya Peckerman Fund as well as the Leeza’s Place charity, both of which seek to raise awareness for vasculitis and provide support for families who are taking care of a family member with a chronic, memory-affecting, or progressive disease, respectively. The blood of Christ is taken by more than those faithful during communion, it is apparently sold by the angels above as well—or perhaps below—in the wine cellar. Find them here.

Next we have a rather different approach to the wine charity business. Instead of doing it solo, Charity Wines teams up with a celebrity, professional athlete, or some other person of profitable notoriety, and develops a wine brand based on and marketed using the donation of the full use of said celebrity’s name. The celebrity chooses a charity they wish to donate to, and about 70 percent of the profits from the wine go to that charity, with the celebrity not making a cent. Visit them here.

Another winery that is characterized by certain compassion is Lookout Ridge. This Sonoma/Napa-based company donates a wheelchair for every bottle of wine sold. For the owner, Gordon Holmes, this cause was inspired by his own wife’s battle with MS, which left her confined to a wheelchair. To date, Lookout Ridge has distributed over 8,000 wheelchairs to people around the world. To help, visit here.

Now, drifting from the usual human-based charities that wineries usually support, we see Mutt Lynch Winery uniquely supporting dog and pet charities across the nation. Since starting in 1995, Mutt Lynch has grown exponentially. In 2010 alone, they donated $10,000 to, which finds homes for abandoned or stray dogs, cats, and other domestic animals that need them. Find out more here.

Mackie Barch started his wine import company solely with the intent to help his friend,but saw an opportunity, as well. With the purchase of a membership to Vinters Charitable Cooperative (VCC), one can support any of three charities, which range from Operation Smile to Reach Out and Read. VCC donates 50 percent of its profits. Visit here to learn more.

Curvature Wines donates its proceeds to breast cancer. Founded by the LPGA golfer Christie Kerr and her business partner Suzanne Pride-Bryan, the issue that their company helps hits home, especially for Suzanne, a breast cancer survivor. Interested? Learn more here.

Lastly, we have the Ehler’s Estate. This winery is different in that it is actually fully owned and operated as a non-profit, 100 percent of the proceeds from its wine sales supports the Leducq Foundation (a foundation created by the owner, Jean Leducq), which funds cardiovascular research. Support them here.

With companies like these, more good comes out of wine than ever before. As you enjoy your next glass of wine, just think how you are bettering lives simply by buying a bottle from one of these ten companies! Wine for good!