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Music and Wine: Top Five Bands with Wine in Their Names

Sep 15, 2012 08:07PM

All photos courtesy of stock.exchng

Written by Rohan Notaney and Micah Holley

There is nothing better or more relaxing than sipping on your favorite wine while enjoying music, and there is nothing more ironic than sipping on your wine while listening to a band with "wine" in its name. We (with the help of have compiled a list "wine" bands for both irony and pleasure! Thanks to, Aphrodite's list was created using the website's creative search.

We simply typed in what band we were listening to and the website suggested what type of drink would match perfectly with that specific band! Here's what we came up with:

Iron & Wine. Iron & Wine is a singer/songwriter hailing from South Carolina. His dulcet tones and allegorical and highly interesting lyrics pull in soft rock and country fans, as well as the obvious indie hipster. We recommend "The Iron and Wine" to go along with man’s (Samuel Beam) music for reasons that should really be obvious.

April Wine. This Canadian rock band, formed in 1969, offers a very classic rock feel that’s quite exemplary of the decade in which they were formed and should be enjoyed with their namesake, "The April Wine," which is really just 2 ounces of Havana Dark Club Rum.

Dandelion Wine. If one wanted the musical equivalent of taking a low dose of LSD or perhaps ingesting some sort of hallucinogenic fungus in the form of auditory input, this band would suit whomever that would be very well. Appropriately, "The Dandelion Wine" drink is equal parts vodka (8oz) and ice cream. Enjoy!

Negroamaro. Negroamaro is an Italian rock band named for the particular type of grapes, and wine, produced in their native region of Salento, Italy. With their soft and crooning sounds, one would enjoy an ounce of Eu-de-vie, or, appropriately, "The Negroamaro."

Homemade Wine. If one is searching for a truly country feel, this would be the band to listen to. Enjoyed best on the rocks with 4 ounces of Hennessey, or "The Homemade Wine," this band combines classic American country with a heavy hometown feel.

Next time you're bored, sitting at home and listening to music, give Drinkify a shot, and spice up your night! Let us know what Drinkify came up with for you!