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15 Mood Boosting Moves to Perk Up Anyone

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Written by Craig Nielson

Is your energy working for you or against you? It is import to know that "energy attracts like energy" according to the Law of Attraction.. It's like having a bad hair day.  If you start your day thinking your hair is a mess, the rest of your day unfolds as a mess as well.  You encounter mean people and overall your day seems to suck.

The same is true for shifting your energy in a positive direction.  So here are some tips from my coaching toolbox, as well as tips I've gathered over the years from successful business women, female athletes, moms, students, and friends.

1) Music - Cue up your favorite tune.  Choose a song that has high energy and lyrics that are affirming.  Sappy love songs or songs of lost love are not recommended.  "See the Light" by Greenday, "Affirmation" by Savage Garden, "If Today was Your Last Day" by Nickleback are a few lively suggestions.

2) Gratitude - Begin your days recognizing at least three things for which you are grateful. Perhaps you’re grateful for a hot shower, your home, and the love and support of a good friend or family member. Each day choose three new things without repeating what you came up with previously.

3) Take a walk - Get out and get moving.  If you work indoors, bring a pair of walking shoes to work with you.  Walk on your breaks, during your lunch hour, or when you get home.  Enjoy the fresh air and get some vitamin D from the sun.

4) Write an affirmation - The truth is you believe everything you tell yourself.  Criticizing yourself in any way, shape or form will zap your energy in an instant.  You want something like, "I am a strong, confident woman making strides to enjoy my life experience each day."  Make it personal and positive.  Tape it to your bathroom mirror so you are greeted with it at the start of your day.

5) Experience nature - Go to the beach, take a stroll in the forest, or visit a flower garden, depending on where you live.  It's important to see the beauty in our environment when our world seems filled with negativity.

6) Dance - The combination of motion and music can be very uplifting.  Find a type of dancing you enjoy and take a class at your local health club, gym,  or dance studio.  Try Zumba or line dancing.  They are great exercises, and you might make a new friend in the process.

7) Laugh - Laughter boosts your immune system, helps reduce pain, increases your energy, and decreases the damaging effect of stress.  Laughter is contagious and can positively affect those around you.

8)  Meditate - Make time for yourself. Put on some soft music and light a candle, some incense, or fragrant oils. Take deep breaths and center yourself.  Imagine all the stress and negativity leaving your body and clear your mind.  Then envision yourself in a tranquil paradise or achieving a goal.  Create whatever you want—it's your vision.

9) Plan a party - Don't wait for fun to happen; create it.  Schedule a girl’s night out, a wine and cheese gathering of friends, or a small get away.  Give yourself a fun occasion to anticipate and look forward to.

10) Stop complaining - Complaining is a disempowering action because you give away your power to change or influence your situation.  When you complain you live at the effect of your circumstance and deny your opportunity to positively change it. Instead - change your language - words are powerful.  Change your "have to" to "I chose to, your "I can't" to "I will."  A positive mind creates a positive attitude and feeling throughout your body.

11) Fight - Take a stand and make a difference.  A wise person once told me, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.  Get involved in a movement or organization you believe in—something that moves your soul and you can invest in—and fight for it.,, and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are some great suggestions.

12) Treat yourself - Go to the spa, get a massage, a pedicure or a facial.  Give yourself the opportunity to relax.  Just like the party, plan it and have something to look forward to.

13) High intensity workout - To boost your mood, before your workout, don't focus on the work, focus on the benefits.  Intense cardio releases endorphins in your body that naturally gives you a boost.  Try kickboxing or martial arts as they are good for the mind and the spirit, as well as a great way to release your hostilities.

14)  Limit exposure to media - The news is filled with negativity.  Watching the late night news before bed can leave you feeling down and end your day on a sour note.  If your are insecure at all about your appearance, television is filled with pretty and perfect people, not representative of the real world.  If you have too..tune into something positive and motivating like "The Biggest Loser."

15)  Read a good book - Instead of watching television, invest in reading a motivating story.  "Unmeasured Strength" by Lauren Manning,  "In a Single Bound" by Sarah Reinersten, and "Breaking Night" by Liz Murray " are a few great inspirational reads.

Aside from these suggestions, your mood is a symptom of your attitude.  Simply put: If you think your life sucks, it does; if you think you are a work-in-progress and on an adventure, let the fun begin and start making your life a great story. Follow these 15 mood-boosting tips and perk up!