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Take the Wild Journey Within

Written by Craig Nielson

What would you do in life if you were guaranteed not to fail?  What have you thought you would like to do or try but never attempted because you talked yourself out it or convinced yourself you could not do it?  What do you dream of becoming or doing but have never realized?  What are the accomplishments in your life that will eventually lead to your legacy?

Your dreams and aspirations were not created in a vacuum.  They are a part of you and come from your heart and soul, and what you do with them will define who you are.  You owe it to yourself and to the world the full expression of who you are.

The biggest culprit in squashing ambition and killing your dreams is fear.  Fear of failing, fear of judgment and fear of the unknown are most common. Fear of failure keeps you from attempting and keeps you from going for what you want.  Fear of judgment can keep you from going to the gym, or anywhere else, because you believe others will think poorly of lose.  The truth is, you have no idea what others are thinking of you, so don't assume the worst.

Whatever is driving the fear is trying to protect you.  When your fear is failure, fear dictates your actions, which is not to take action.  With no action, you surely cannot fail. Fear of the unknown drives you to make conclusions to events before they actually happen.  By creating a conclusion of failure you have controlled the unknown by thinking you will fail.  The good news is the unknown remains the unknown, so you can use your imagination to visualize success or any desired outcome.

The other nemesis to doing something great is the foulest four-letter word ever spoken—can’t.  The minute this word infiltrates your belief system you are finished.  When you tell yourself that you can't, of course you can't. You just said so.

Since Helen Keller there are no excuses.  One of her famous quotes is, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." The world is full of inspiring people who have achieved great things with far less than most of us.  But they never saw limitations, only possibilities.   Sarah Reinersten was the first female amputee to complete the Kona Ironman with only one leg.  Bethany Hamilton went on to become a champion surfboarder after losing an arm after a shark attack.  These women never let fear dictate their actions—they saw possibilities.

Don't ever think what you want to accomplish is unattainable.   Say you want to run a marathon and think you could not possibly run 26.2 miles. Focus on where to start. Is it possible for you to move a mile, even if you had to walk?  That's how you get to the finish line—one mile at a time.

Get out from behind the computer and the TV screen.  Listen to your heart and soul and let them guide you to do great things.  This will help build your self-confidence and lead you to developing your life into a great story.