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Transformation: Kim Barnett

Jul 17, 2012 09:03AM

Kim B before and After



Kimberly Barnett


Gilbert, AZ


[email protected]

Current Age




Current Weight


Dress Size


Started Training Regiment

July 2006

Original Weight


Original Dress Size


How long did the transformation take?

18 months initially. Now ongoing improvements


What were your original Eating habits?

 I was trying to stop smoking and used food as a tool to get over my nicotine withdrawals. I ate EVERYTHING in sight!! What was your original work out regiment, if any?

 It wasn't consistent, I tried so many different regiments but nothing worked. Truth be told, I didn't give anything my full effort, or see it through.

How did your original weight make you feel?

 I felt awful. My daughter asked me to quit smoking so I wouldn't die, but I replaced food with cigarettes. I gained 58 pounds in one year and was put on hypertension meds, I replaced one vice with another.

What made you want to change?

I promised my daughter I would live, for her.......I am a single parent and I was causing her to worry at the age of 7 of losing her only parent. I take my next breath for her.......always. She is my WHY.

What was your driving motivation?

My daughter.....always and forever.


What made you feel sexy?

Shooting with Walt Ostarly. I have NEVER imagined I could look like I do now, and to have him catch that on film rocked my world. I'm in training now to do more shoots and bikini physique competitions. I want to show EVERYONE that it's matter how old or how obese we once were. TRANSFORMATION

What did you do to lose weight?

I used Beachbody workouts.....Turbo Jam, Power 90, P90X, P90X+, Les Mills PUMP Body Beast.....and I eat clean now. Nutrition is 80% of the equation, it's vital to success!!

How did that make you feel?

Accomplished..............I am goal driven by nature.

Who helped you?

My friend, Doug Couch.

Who/what sabotaged you?

Some people now say I'm too skinny, but the majority of the people support me. I've been where they are, I know the struggle. So we help and encourage each other. I am a Beachbody Coach and I help people on their fitness journey. I get MORE reward and joy seeing THEIR achievements, and I'm so grateful they let me come along on their journey!!

What was the hardest thing during this process? What was easier than you thought?

It was a struggle for sure, but you have to decide what you want more and just go for it. Sure, it's hard watching people eat the food you love....or it's hard making yourself workout when everyone else is watching a movie or doing something else. But, you have to choose YOU and just go for it, and know your health is worth it!!


What are your current Eating habits?

I eat clean and have one cheat meal a week.

What was your original work out regiment, if any?

It wasn't consistent.

How does your size make you feel?

FREAKING FABULOUS!! I've never been this size before in my life, and I just keep getting fitter and leaner. I love it! I've worked so hard!

How do people react to the new you?

Some people don't recognize me, most congratulate me, some try to knock me down. I don't pay attention to them.

What is your driving motivation to keep this size?

My daughter, my health, my ultimate dream body that I've envisioned for myself my whole life. I'm accomplishing my goals!!

What makes you feel sexy?

Seeing my lean muscles. I love being FIT!!

What do you miss?

Nothing. I don't take anything out of my life. This is life, and if I want a piece of chocolate I'm going to eat it, but I'm going to work for it!

On Jan 7, 2012 at my 10 year smoke-free anniversary, I found myself standing in the mirror and reflected back at me, with a confident smile, was the woman I’ve always wanted to be. So I stood there for a moment and remembered the past years, and how the decisions I made every step of the way, helped me become her. For years, I didn’t know how to take a stand for myself. It took my daughter pleading with me to quit smoking because she didn’t want me to “get a black heart and die." As a single mother, this broke my heart because a 7-year-old shouldn’t be worrying about her only parent dying; she should be playing with her dolls. So I quit smoking 4 days after her birthday. Unfortunately, the solution to not smoking was to sit on the couch and eat my way through my withdrawals. As a U.S. Army/Desert Storm Veteran I was trained to be physically fit. I knew better! But I justified all that eating by telling myself it was more important to stop smoking, I could worry about the weight later. Problem was, I kept eating even after I developed hypertension and was put on medication. Aside from the medical issues, it was hard to physically move around; the excess weight was uncomfortable and out of control to the point of gaining 58 pounds that first year. I did everything I could to pretend it wasn’t happening, until reality hit me hard the night I had to read off a number located on my broken clothes dryer for customer service. I couldn’t get to it because I had to maneuver in a way that wasn’t possible because of my weight. I hung up with them, devastated and embarrassed, and sat there on the floor for hours crying. What happened to me? It had been a year of smoke free and eat everything in site behavior, I dreaded the walk up to that scale! I said aloud over and over, “Please don’t be over 200." Sure enough, I was 208 pounds! For three years I struggled as I tried low-carb diets, low-fat diets, cabbage soup diets, no sugar diets. I went from one exercise program to another. I couldn’t get my nutrition and exercise to happen at the same time. I was falling into a depression and couldn’t sleep. Looking back now, that’s what saved me because I stopped flipping channels long enough to see the infomercial for Turbo Jam, and it got my attention FAST!!! I bought it, pushed play, and the pounds came off! It was FUN, and I worked the 58 pounds off in less than a year!! Using the Beachbody programs helped me get fit and healthy, and being a part of the Beachbody community lead me to some great friendships and huge rewards. I have gone through a complete round of Power90, P90X, and I challenged myself to a second round of P90X with the new P90X-Plus program. Now I am working with their new programs, Les Mills PUMP and Body Beast. I still stick with my Beachbody workouts because they are so much fun and they work! In one year I went from crying on the floor to a bikini at the beach, and I haven't looked back! I was also named the 2007 $250,000 Beachbody Weight Loss Transformation winner. Dreams really do come true when you work hard for them! Through Beachbody, I have learned proper nutrition again and have lost 85 pounds! I always try to eat a clean diet with one “cheat day” each week. Better yet, my doctor declared me to be hypertension free and I’m completely off my medication! I’ve inspired her so much that she’s asked me to speak at her public health seminars, which is so rewarding and exciting for me. I fulfilled a dream of hitting the bikini physique competition stage before I hit 40, and I can't wait to get back to it. I'm in training right now. I love my new healthy lifestyle. I never want to go back to the way I was--EVER!!! I made a promise to my daughter that I would be around for a long time for her, and I intend to keep that promise!!!!

Yours truly!

Kim Barnett