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Smoked Salmon Recipe

Jul 16, 2012 05:16PM
Recipe prepared by Kelte McCreary
One of the main roles to staying fit is eating healthy. Many people use today and their busy lifestyles as an excuse for eating poorly, yet they will take the extra 20 minutes to pick up their "vices" from the local 7-Eleven. That said, how about playing a new role? Spend 10 minutes at the store and 20 minutes preparing and cooking a healthy dish.
I have an amazing smoked salmon recipe for the willing. You can shop at any local grocery store, pick up fresh salmon, dark brown sugar, salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Once you get home you will need one large bowl and a smoker. You can even bake the dish in the oven or barbecue it.
First add 2/3 cup of dark brown sugar, next 1/3 cup of salt in large bowl, then tumble salmon in mixture. Let sit in refrigerator for six hours. The brine will then turn to a syrup. Remove any extra brine that clumped with clean fingers. Let cook for 15 minutes then let cool. You can always add a variety of vegetables to this dish or anything you please.
I encourage everyone to try this or at least make an honest effort to choose the salad bar over 90 percent of the menu items. Here's to health, happiness, and love.