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Female Owned, Operated, and Self-Funded

Jul 03, 2012 12:01AM

Female Owned, Operated, and Self-Funded Company Launches New Online & Print Publication

Aphrodite: Fitness. Fashion. Fun.


{Reno, NV} – In a time when companies and organizations are leaving the print & publishing industries, an up-and-coming female run and managed start-up, see’s the opportunity in publishing online & print content that empowers women. The co-Founders of Aphrodite, launched their online & (soon-to-be) print publication on June 16, 2012, at ; Aphrodite is unlike many start up's since its a 100% female owned, self funded, and almost all a 100% female operated! Aphrodite's goal is to develop out and become an all encompassing and comprehensive multimedia platform, which propagates information, knowledge and engagement on: women's fitness, health, and fashion. Most importantly, Aphrodite seeks to empower women to be their best!

Aphrodite publishes Quarterly Themed Issues, on a variety of topics, with the first issue, providing its readership an introduction to the new and female dominated sport of PaddleBoarding. Next issue will be released in September; during issues, Aphrodite's website will host various feature topics, articles, informational & fun videos, and photos.

As a philosophy, Aphrodite promotes “real women” through the use of healthy, fit, and local models, in our photo-shoots and videos. Aphrodite’s mission is to fight the imposed negative societal images and ideals and pressures that women often struggle with thus resulting in low self esteem, eating disorders and a negative body image.

Aphrodite seeks to propel positivity and empower women to become their best at any level, age, orientation, life stage, while supporting women to fulfill their desire and dreams. Aphrodite allows women to embrace and become aware of the opportunities and tools in order to live a life full of purpose and passion while developing their own elite physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

Aphrodite welcomes participation from its readership! We empower power to share their stories and journeys, as they battle weight and emotional issues or while they prep for a marathon! We want to hear your story, so that you can become a catalyst of change for other women!

Through the use of editorial/images/publishing, multi-media, entertainment, networking, journalism, social media, music, videos, mobile media, and various other interactive tools Aphrodite will develop an interactive community to serve our readership with the latest fitness trends, technology, health advances, fashion, beauty, spiritual growth, personal development, and tools and services to help women reach their peak both physically and mentally.


Leslie McCarroll (co-founder and former model/fitness enthusiast) and Palkin Zed (co-founder and Business Development & Marketing specialist) are female entrepreneurs from the Nevada area. Both McCarroll and Zed plan to make Aphrodite a global brand in which women internationally can relate to, feel empowered by and develop a brand that becomes synonymous with women’s fitness, fashion, and fun!

For media, interviews and bookings, please contact: [email protected]