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Traci Perry

Jun 30, 2012 05:16PM

Traci web

Model: Traci Perry

Photographer: Chris Holloman Katipo Creative

Makeup: Glam by Tam

Bikini : Jeanne Tannone

Spray Tan : Kendall Bronze de Beaut



Married?                             Yes

Kids/grandkids?               3 natural/3 step

Your gym:                            Anytime Fitness

Favorite workout:            Dead lifts, Leg Extensions

Favorite sport:                  Auto Racing

Favorite clothing/shoe brand:    Victoria’s Secret clothing

Age:       40

Ethnic background:         Portuguese/German

Height*:                               5’6”

Weight*:                             122

Measurements*:             33-26-34

Natural Hair color:            Red

Natural eye color:            Blue


 Q:  So, tell me a little about yourself.

A. I am a Mommy, and current Mrs Reno 2012. My husband and I regularly appear on Wake Up Call on as the resident “Fitness Experts.”  I am a former dancer, model, and a character actor at Disneyland. 



Q.     What was the house you grew up in like?

A. We lived in a very rural town in northern California. We didn’t have paved roads near my house, or a movie theatre, or a mall. When McDonald’s came to town, it was a big deal. But we had a lake and we spent much of our free time boating and skiing. I twirled batons in parades, played piano in recitals, acted in plays and sang onstage in church. Performing has always been a part of me.


Q.    Explain your health and fitness regime

A. I believe everything is best in moderation. Mostly, I eat high protein, low carbs, and very little sugar. But I also think its okay to splurge now and again. After all, life isn’t worth living if you cant have French toast now and again.



Q.     What's your advice for feeling confident? How do you stay optimistic and faithful when you don’t feel like working out?

A. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Find what makes you unique and appreciate it. Accentuate it. Celebrate it.  Its easy for me to stay faithful to working out because I simply feel better when I do it consistently.


Q.   What's your favorite sport?

A. I am an avid auto racing fan. I love Formula One, Izod (Indy Car) and Nascar. But I also enjoy LeMans, Formula Drift, and Touring Cars. My brother is a crew chief on a pro drag racing team, so of course I love drag racing as well.


Q.   Tell me about your greatest strength?

A. My greatest strength is my love for my husband and my children. Being with them gives me peace. I find great joy in being my husband’s partner, being a wife is a gift. I have such pride in being a Mama, and nothing makes me happier than my children. I protect my husband and my kids like a lioness. There is simply nothing I wouldn’t do for them. They are my heart.


Q.   Who have been your role models? What about them do you admire?

A. Certainly my grandmother and mother are role models. They had very difficult childhoods and overcame them to become strong, independent women.  My friend Lisa is a role model as she has won the battle against cancer with such dignity and courage. Not only has she fought, she has become a crusader as a major player in the San Francisco Susan G Komen organization. My husband has also been a role model for me, as he has taught me that it is okay to have a voice, to speak up for what I want or need, and to remember to make myself a priority.


Q.    If you were an animal, what would you be

A. Ha, well, I’d be a lioness. So I could rip the heads off of people who threaten the bonds of my family….That’s deep but true. Of course, I suppose if I were a dog I would be everyone’s best friend, so perhaps that’s a better answer, lol.



Q.   What is your most favorite healthy dish

A. I love salmon!! Add to it a light salad or steamed green beans, and I am in heaven!



A. My passion is in making people laugh and feel good about themselves. I often seek to achieve this through my writings. I write so people can relate to me. I want them to see the same silly, ridiculous, sometimes insurmountable circumstances in all our lives. I want them to know that they are stronger than they think they are, and that we all can overcome the greatest obstacles, if we just decide that we will. It is our choices that shape our future….