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Got B.O.?

Jun 14, 2012 09:50AM

Written by Micah Holley

It creeps through the air like the fog over a cemetery, reaching through your nostrils and down to your taste buds, gagging you, until your lungs begin closing as you gasp for more air. You inhale but cannot help but gag some more. You try covering your airways with your sleeve hoping it will disintegrate, but it is not enough. That smell creeps in through the small follicles of your t-shirt’s fabric to your nostrils.

What is this, you ask? The foul odor of the body.

Personal hygiene is a problem in today’s society. Some people simply smell. However, the last place we want to smell you is in the gym! It’s called deodorant, people. Use some. And if you do not believe in the product, do not even think about entering the gym.

Go running outside and free all of us from your heinous scent.

A nice shower helps with a smelly body. However, a shower of cologne and perfume don’t. They don’t cover your stinky cheese smell. Chanel wasn’t envisioning a person using her perfume as a cover-up of body odor. Trying to cover up your smell with perfume and cologne only makes matters worse. Even Chanel cannot fix this problem. As Kacie Conn, 21, puts it, “It’s like chemical warfare.”  Some people suffer from asthma and allergies. Not everyone can breathe effectively with the smell of perfume or cologne being forced down his or her throat. Have some courtesy and think about those around you.

There are requirements one must follow when at the gym, and there are precautions we all must do before entering the gym. Although it is expected, you are going to sweat throughout your workout and there might be a faint smell lingering. However, that does not mean we should be able to smell you within close proximity. Lauren Paglini, 20, says, “ If I can smell you three treadmills down, you should not work out in public places.” Throw on some deodorant, people. Seriously.

“I’m against all [body odor]. I have a stance on that. I don’t like stinky women. It changes how I look at them,” says Chris Robles, 30.

Well, Chris is not the only one. If you are that girl, you will be known forever as the one who tries covering up the smell of a 1960’s hippie. Prevent becoming her by applying strong antiperspirant, seeing your doctor for treatment (some people do suffer from severe sweating), or—as silly as it seems—shower before the gym.

Gym etiquette. Live it. Learn it. Love it.