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Fuel your body for a rockin SUP day!

Jun 14, 2012 08:27AM

Photo courtesy of stock.exchng

Written by Lindzie St. Martin

Paddle boarding requires the right food sustenance for energy. Like any other workout, it is important to feed your body the best quality fuel. No matter what the intensity, our bodies need the fuel to sustain our energy throughout. If you have not eaten accordingly, you will quickly discover that doing your favorite activities on low energy can ruin the whole experience.

Most people are familiar with carb loading, but what many do not realize is that the type of carbohydrates and glucose you choose is not only critical but also can be very unique to each individual. Many people enjoy pasta, bread, and energy bars prior to workouts like running marathons, bicycling, and swimming. However, easily digestible carbs are recommended for paddle boarding, as well as foods that won’t spike your blood sugar like oatmeal, rice, fruit, and sweet potatoes. Pair these with lean proteins and healthy fats to help release the carbohydrates into the bloodstream more slowly. These types of food are perfect for days you want to go paddle boarding.

A few rules of thumb to consider on paddle boarding days:

  • Choose easily digestible foods that are high in carbohydrates and natural sugars, like fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables
  • Avoid high fiber, high fat foods that can be difficult to digest and remain in the stomach too long so you don't have to make a pit-stop to the bathroom. Stay away from peanut butter and bran cereal
  • Try to eat at least one to two hours before exercising
  • Pick foods that will not cause stomach upset and cramping
  • Pack a snack to bring along in case you need a boost
  • Always stay hydrated
Be sure to enjoy your day out on the water without feeling faint or tired. Fuel up on these foods and use your energy to paddle away! Tell us your favorite fuel-enhancing foods for your paddle boarding days!