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Top places for SUP for expert or beginner

Jun 13, 2012 05:30PM

Adrift Tahoe at Kings Beach, CA/Owner: Marcus Tingle


Written by Lindzie St.Martin


Paddle Boarding is currently one of the fastest growing sporting trends. Not to be surprised, since anyone with any level of athletic abilities can participate. An outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by both the novice or expert. A fun adventure you can consider doing with a group of friends or solo, and you can even take along an eager passenger like your child or canine. A board is fairly easy to transport, and very little gear is required to get you out and moving! The most important thing you'll need to consider is where to put your board in. Since paddle boarding can be done in just about any body of water, from lakes and rivers to ocean surfs, the major decision lies in choosing a location that's best for you.

As a beginner, you're going to love how easy and serene a sport like this will be. Once you realize how stable your new foundation actually is, you may quickly find trust in the adventures you're willing to go on. Ideal conditions to look for are calm flat water, free of obstacles such as boats, buoys, or crowds of people. Start out securely from a clear, shallow, and safe beach line, and be aware of any dangers beneath the surface such as rocks or sharp coral. It's always a good idea to paddle in an area where the occasional and inevitable fall will end in a safe landing. Glide along with confidence, even if you simply enjoy the comfort of staying in a kneeling position, which in turn can give you an incredible core workout. Advancing to your feet should be simple, but for some, it may be helpful to have a friend hold your board stable in waist-deep water until you feel steady being completely upright.

Once you've advanced in your paddling skills, you may decide to take your board adventures to another level. There are really no limits to your watery worlds, simply your preferences. Consider hiking into some secluded beaches and coves, where you can avoid the traffic of other people, and possible turbulence of water vehicles. Be sure to take into account any awkward and potentially slick terrain while hauling along a rather large board. Perhaps, you'll even discover that riding a few small waves is the thrill you're looking for. It's always a good idea to ask for recommendations to safe locations that meet your needs. Be sure to let someone know where you are headed, and it is always a better idea to have a companion in case of serious injuries.

As with any other sport, always stay prepared, even with the limited cargo space. Bring along a light snack to keep you fueled and energized. Take into account weather and water temperatures so you dress properly, and a hat and some sunscreen are never a bad idea. Whether you are just getting started or looking for a challenge with your paddle board, your options are unlimited. Either way, you are certain to get a total body workout, and find many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of gliding on water!