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How to Make Yourself Shine

Jun 12, 2012 01:22PM

Find Your Inner-Shimmer

Written by Walanya Vongsvirates Photo courtesy of

Aphrodite's Points on How to Make You Shine

Glitter and diamonds will not make you stand out nearly as much as your confidence will! The best sparkling accessory this season is your confidence! Consider these tips and watch yourself shine bright in no time!

Confidence is Key

Nothing makes a person radiate more than her confidence shining through. It is the most important aspect in making good impressions and feeling good about you. People get a certain glow when they allow themselves to have a positive self-image. Don’t worry if you’re not the boldest person out there, self-confidence can be created easily when keeping a few simple things in mind.

Surround Yourself with Other “Stars”

It’s true: you become who you surround yourself with. So why not be the best “you” you can be by having a positive support system surrounding you? Keep people who are caring and always there for you around and forget the rest. You need to fill your life with people who want to be there and who are willing to support you every step of the way. Only allow people who are kind and make a conscious effort to stay in your life be there for you. These are the people that are going to build you up and help you attain your goals.

Dress to Impress

Now this is not the most important aspect in building self-confidence, but it can help better your self-image. Dress in outfits that make you look good and feel good about yourself; you’ll get a little confidence boost by knowing that you look absolutely amazing. You’ll likely want to stand up taller and have better posture in clothes you like and are comfortable in. Once you start seeing how amazing you are, others will too!

 Don’t Let Others Dim Your Light

At times it can be hard knowing who you should or should not keep in your life, especially if they are people you really care about. But sometimes you have to let certain people go. Never keep people around who make you feel badly about yourself. If someone just popped in your mind, it’s likely that that person should not stay in your life. There are so many stress-inducing challenges we face everyday. You don’t need a person there that is supposed to care for you add extra stress in your life. Re-evaluate who you associate with and think about whether or not they are a positive or negative aspect in your life. It can be hard cutting ties with people, but you don’t need to keep negative people that tear your down.

Stay Positively Positive

Optimism and positive thinking are key factors in presenting yourself in a confident manner. Others can sense the type of energy you are emitting. You are more likely to show yourself off in a positive way if you are happy and self-assured. A trick to staying positive throughout the day is by starting off yours by picking a characteristic about yourself that you enjoy. For example, if you really like your hair or you think you’re going to be really funny that day, tell yourself that. Giving yourself positive affirmations will benefit you by giving off the air of confidence. When you believe in yourself, it will be evident to others, making it easier for them to believe in you too!

You will be your own accessory this season with your boost of confidence and fabulous support system. Don’t be dull—shine!