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Making A Grand Entrance In Style- Summer Wedding Bliss For Men

May 04, 2021 10:48AM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll

Lockdown restrictions are lifting across the globe and wedding season is fast approaching. This can only mean one thing: that it is time to assess all those wedding invites you may have gathered and find some amazing outfits for such a momentous and joyous occasion. Weddings are a time for celebration as two families come together and become one. But it is also a time for you to wear a fabulous suit that, although it should not take any attention away from the bride and groom, stands out enough and perceives you as the fashion icon that you truly are.  

Here is how you can look stylish at a summer wedding without taking all the focus away from the happy couple. 

Assess Your Likes and Dislikes 

There is no point in wearing a suit or outfit that does not truly suit you or make you happy. Although you should always wear clothing that you are comfortable with, this is especially true when it comes to formalwear. There is a general conception that formalwear is quite uncomfortable, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Rather, there are numerous designer brands out there such as Burberry that can be tailored to your exact size and requirements so that you can look stylish but also be exceptionally comfortable.  

Go Designer 

Designer brands are not synonymous with being ostentatious. Instead, it means you have a lovely name and tag attached to your suit that you absolutely love. Burberry, for example, is a great designer brand that is well-known for its beige checked pattern. This pattern can be ideal for those who wish to add an air of designer style to their suit by including a Burberry tie to their outfit. Plus, with it being summer and hopefully sunny (fingers crossed!), you may wish to take a look at the menswear from Burberry and see if there is a pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape and wedding outfit.  

Don’t Forget About the Shoes and Belt 

Typically, the shoes and belt need to match. This means that if you are wearing a brown belt, you should have brown shoes to match. By following this simply fashion rule, you can remain effortlessly stylish. Here is a useful guide on how men can wear wedding dress codes properly.  

Look at the Invite 

Remember to check the invite before you buy an outfit. It could be that the bride and groom have provided a theme or have asked for guests to refrain from wearing specific colors (such as dark colors, for example). Although you may not agree with the theme that they have chosen, it is their big day and you should do your duty of being the perfect friend and guest and work them into your outfit. This means that even if you do not like bright colors but they have requested a tropical theme, you could add a colorful pocket square to your outfit! 

Who doesn’t love a wedding? When it comes to celebrating the union of two people, it can be a wonderfully beautiful occasion – and one that you should be excited and happy to be a part of. When it comes to looking stylish, remember to wear something that you are comfortable with or invest in a designer label that can make you stand out (without being rude, of course).