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What Small Businesses Can Do to Stay Afloat Amid COVID-19 Closures

Sep 14, 2020 08:32PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll

After closing your brick-and-mortar business amid COVID-19, you may be struggling to get back on your feet after reopening to the public — or your physical location may remain closed due to local restrictions. To help you get by as you ride out the remainder of the coronavirus crisis, we’ve assembled some tips and resources for small business owners. Read on to discover some of the things you can do to keep your small business going throughout COVID-19. 

 Stay Connected

 Whether your brick-and-mortar business remains closed to the public, or you’re preparing to reopen in the near future, it’s crucial that you stay connected to your valued customers and employees. Here are some things to keep in mind as you and your team continue to work remotely amid COVID-19.


●       Review Unitonomy’s tips to improve communication and collaboration in the remote work age. Even though you’re working separately, remote teams need to stay connected — especially in a time like COVID-19.

●       Communicate with your social media followers. Social media allows you to share important updates with your customers, help those in need, and engage with your followers.

●       Create an effective email marketing campaign that keeps your subscribers updated and engaged. However, it’s important to remain mindful of your messaging, timing, and the content of your email.

 Maximize Cash Flow

 Even if your brick-and-mortar business remains closed, these resources will help to maximize your cash flow and keep your small business afloat throughout the remainder of the pandemic.

 ●       Apply these five strategies to keep your small business alive. Explore your financing options, conduct a thorough evaluation of your staff, and identify the problems that could keep customers away once you do reopen your physical location.

●       Visit the ZenBusiness resource center for COVID-19 to learn all about the different grants and government programs that may be available to assist your small business.

●       Sell your products and services online through e-commerce platforms like Shopify. After creating your online store, you can even choose to offer local delivery within a certain radius.

 Additional Resources

 In addition to remaining in communication with your customers and employees — and getting the financial assistance you need to stay afloat — these resources will help your small business to grow and thrive throughout the remainder of COVID-19.


●       Marketing Your Business in the Midst of COVID-19: 5 Tips to Stay Afloat

●       4 Things to Check to See If Your Business Is Ready to Reopen

●       How to Get Your Customers to Return to Your Business Post-Coronavirus

 Until your brick-and-mortar business reopens to the public and you’re officially back on your feet, these tips and resources will help you and your team to get by. It won’t be easy, but the effort you put in will help you to grow and thrive as you prepare your small business for a post-pandemic world.

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