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WILD and Free| The Artwork of Anastiscia Chantler-Long

Jan 26, 2020 03:44PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll
“I love vibrant, edgy color! Bold colors are the arousing enthusiasm of life. Vivid colors speak louder than words and have the ability to hit hard with expression. Much of my work is designed to be thought provoking and each piece holds a story based on historical fact. What the eyes can see the heart can feel.”

Anastiscia Chantler-Lang moved from Toronto,Canada to the Reno-Tahoe region in 2015 for Lyme Disease treatment. This move and her treatment did more than restore her quality of life, it restored her purpose; to create, once again. A self-taught artist, she is fascinated with history and stories about the frontier. The rich and deeply colorful history, geography, and culture of the great Sierras and the people who sacrificed so much to retain the natural beauty of the region,
and still do, became a wealthy inspiration that freed her imagination, expressive emotion, inner spirit, and passion. She envisions herself living in the old towns of the wild west, experiencing the high desert landscapes first-hand, and incorporates these images into her artwork. Anastiscia describes her inspiration for the pieces shown here:

These pieces have been inspired by the exquisite, fiery beauty of the wild horses running across the Sierra plains. They represent both wild freedom and modern-day sustainability, as well as my gratitude for the efforts of those who continue to work to preserve and sustain the native wildlife and natural wonders of the region; a unique past and present richness maintained. “Buddy,” one of my personal favorites, was inspired by a grazing wild horse who came so close to me that I could touch him. I had stopped to take a photo and this horse slowly sauntered over, stood directly in front of me, and appeared as if he wanted to share something with me. The moment was a breathtaking gift.

The figurative female pieces came to me after multiple visits to Virginia City and exposure to the historical accounts of the women who settled there. They were from all walks of life, and regardless of the controversial and provocative vocations chosen by some, through spirited hard work and collaboration, they made vital and valuable contributions to the development and sustainability of Virginia City in its heyday.

The artwork of Anastiscia Chantler-Lang can be found in galleries throughout Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, and Laguna Beach, California, and in private home collections. Her accolades and awards include the Traditional Artist award in the
Figures category at Fusion Gallery, Palm Springs CA, 2015, 2016, 2017, and Honorable Mention in 2018, as well as Honorable Mention 2018 for “Cocktail Hour” at Las Lagunas Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. Her artwork was featured in a 2017 Facebook commercial for Hyundai Motors called, “A Better Drive,” which also supported Lyme Disease Awareness. Her “Lady Liberty,” inspired by The Mona Lisa, sits in a senator’s office in the Capitol Hill building, Washington, D.C. Learn more about the artwork of Anastiscia Chantler-Lang at or Facebook @ARTrageous. m