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ROCK 'N' Reno

Jan 18, 2020 06:17PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll

I entered Reno with the British Invasion in the mid-60’s and soon became a musician. (Well, what else can a poor boy do?) Rock ‘n’ Roll was on the loose and seemed to be the answer. We were just a handful of scruffy young kids in the beginning, playing in rock bands, but the scene soon grew and became something more than we had ever imagined. Dance halls and night clubs began opening up; it was a happening thing making a huge impact on the local youth. I don’t think there is anyone more qualified to tell this story than Mike Mantor. I played with him in one of Reno’s first notable bands, The Justus V, and we’ve
remained close friends ever since (some 50+ years). So, when he told me that he and Gerry were going to take on the enormous project of putting this book together, I was very excited. I felt that “Rock ‘n’ Reno” was a story that needed to be told. The book takes you down memory lane, recalling some 193 Reno bands and most of the musicians who played in them, with band photos and pictures of their posters and flyers. The book talks in depth about many of the talented musicians that have emerged from Reno, and many band stories that will either make you laugh, or cry. Some pages have been written by the band members
themselves. The book also tells of many local players who have enjoyed major success on an international level, such as Chuck Ruff, Bill Church, Michael Furlong, Steve Hobson, and Jerry Weems, to mention a few. And, there are those who continue to carry the torch and are still out there playing today.
Unfortunately, there are also others who have passed on to play on the big stage…may they rest in peace. This book represents a huge community of
Reno musicians that have become a family of brothers and sisters and includes those who have been entertained over the years. Of course, this project may never have seen the light of day were it not for the guiding hands of Gerry McCarroll who tied all the loose ends and the many contributions of surviving band members together. Cheers!

“Rock ‘n’ Reno” is available on and can be purchased in Reno at the following: Nevada Historical Society, Nevada Wolf Shop, Bizarre Guitar, Sundance Books & Music, Recycled Records, Copper Cat Studio, and
Classic Rock Coffee Co. and Kitchen.