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The Depot

By Jigs McHugh

Have you ever felt like a restaurant was waiting for you to walk into it? This is how I felt when I visited the Depot! It is a three-story brick building that houses the restaurant, bar, craft distillery and brewery. Built in 1910, this historic building was home of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway and has been meticulously renovated to the original standard of architectural elegance of time gone by. In short, you feel at home the moment you enter this wonderful gracious space.

Our Depot journey began with the Brewery and Craft distillery. Our host, Chef-owner Nick Strowmatt, guided us to an immense facility hidden behind the restaurant that delights private parties with an eclectic, industrial ambiance. Behind this facility, we encountered the brewery, canning and packing line in full swing, huge palates stacked ten feet high with cases of craft beer waiting to be shipped and enjoyed by local residents. The Depot produces nine seasonal craft beers and is home to Battle Born Beer. Our final stop, before returning to the restaurant: the distillery. If you are a fan of small barrel spirits you will be pleasantly pleased and delighted with their selection of creative spirits. Their production includes reserved aged corn whiskeys, single malts, barrel aged high-country gin and a host of other medal winning spirits.

Back in The Depot, Nick escorted us to the second floor with its own private oak bar nestled in the far corner of the room. This is where the culinary magic was about to begin! As a former restaurant chef-owner myself, I know there is a rhythm to a restaurant that you can sense the moment you walk in. In this vein, The Depot defiantly flows like a fine symphony. It takes a lot to impress me. Yet, I was blown away by the creativity and attention to detail in the menu. With a host of traditional favorites each with their own elegant twist, dining at The Depot is truly an enjoyable experience. While all six of the entrée selections we were lucky enough to be served were superb, the following three deserve honorable mention:

Arugula Salad – Super fresh peppery arugula with thinly slivered apples, candied walnuts, finished with Rogue creamery smokey blue cheese dressing creates a nuance of texture and flavor...... It literally danced across my palate!

Pappardelle Bolognaise – This is pure comfort food for a winter night! House made pasta embraces a hearty beef and pork sauce exploding with complex layers of flavors.

Cashew Pork Wrap – The tortilla wrap, lightly grilled, develops an intense grain flavor. Nestled within, delicate marinated pork loin, shaved cucumbers, crunchy rice noodles, balanced with a sweet basil- cashew vinaigrette, finished with the zip of homemade kimchi.

For the full menu, please visit:

In closing, the care, passion and creativity of their kitchen shine with a foundation of locally sourced ingredients resulting in an experience that will have you coming back again and again!

The Depot is located at 325 East 4th Street, Reno, NV – Visit to learn more, or call (775)737-4330. Brunch Available on Weekends at 11am.

General Info: [email protected]

Brewery/Distillery Tours & Info: [email protected]

Photos by Lou Manna