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Up DO's and I do's

Jan 14, 2020 09:52PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll

Pro-Tips from Reno-Tahoe Hair Stylist, Kristin Smith

When it comes to deciding on a ‘DO for your wedding day or special event, I believe that your look should reflect how you normally style your hair. Whether you’re saying, “I Do” or “How do you do,” you always want to feel like YOU! If you never opt to wear your hair up on a daily basis, chances are you won’t feel like yourself in an updo. You might be better off doing something simple like romantic, tousled waves. Try not to get too caught up in trends. The idea here is to accentuate your beautiful facial features by sweeping some hair off your face only to reveal that twinkle in your eye & happiest-day-of-your-life smile.  

If you’re boho, I love you, I’m your sister for life…but the flower crowns are a sign you’ve probably been looking at Pinterest too much. Do you, be you…but maybe save that DIY style for the wedding shower or more casual gatherings with your tribe. For wedding day, why not try a gorgeous, half up half down look with some flowy pieces to frame your face? It’s the quintessential alternative to a full updo. Simply pin the sides back and add a few pieces of greenery from your bouquet to dress it up a little & it will feel very organic and approachable. You could also incorporate a beautiful braid or two to pull even more interest. STUNNER!  

If you’ve decided to go with a classic look, something structured & elegant like a chignon might suit you well. Chignons are chic buns for a high fashion look with minimal volume. This style of updo can be easily elevated with a fabulous hair accessory and a good one can become the modern alternative to a veil. A feathery, bedazzled hairpiece and a bit of a sidedo will be a popular look for galas and parties in 2020, since Roaring 20’s event themes are all the rage. As long as it is wearable, remarkable, and makes you feel like royalty…it’s perfect. Also, if you do choose to accessorize, you won’t need to rely solely on hairspray to keep your style in place because cool girls know that hair pins come in all shapes & sizes-even crowns. 

It’s all too important when throwing your hair up with bobbi pins & the like that it withstand the elements. You must know your location. There are some types of hair that just won’t hold a curl & don’t want to stay put in any style. This is when you yield to the experts & break out the big guns. For example, if it rains on the day of your monsoon wedding embrace your curls and go for the wet look. It’s super sexy and will give you a fun beachy backup look for the reception. This way you can hit ‘em with moves they’ve never seen before!

An experienced stylist will know how to work with your hair & texture to create the most flattering look on your big day or special event.  It could be that adding hair extensions before you walk down the aisle is in order to give you extra volume & hold, or something as simple as a keratin treatment to ensure your hair is in tip top shape for its moment in the limelight. This requires more planning, but, hey, you’re in the zone right?  During your initial consultation, run some ideas by your stylist and ask if it’s something you have room for in your budget.  Don’t settle…all your dreams can and will come true.  

I think soft and minimal is always beautiful. If you decide to wear your hair up but want to stick to basics, you’re in luck! The simple, sleek, elegant ponytail is one the top styles trending in 2020. As long as your hair is blown out & healthy you can’t go wrong. Extra length and volume are not necessary, but they do make things a little easier in the updo department. Draw your inspiration from whatever moves you….decades, icons, family, film, art, nature…Then, from there, create a mood with visual references so that when you do sit with a stylist, the two of you can design a look that reflects the vision of happiness you see in your mind’s eye. Keep smiling bright & shine your light peeps. Peace.