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Michael Canale

Jan 14, 2020 09:25PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll

BL: What do you love most about working with Jennifer Aniston?

MC: Her positivity and her loyalty - I’ve know her since when she was a kid…I’ve been doing her hair for 24 years! She’s always in a good mood and looking forward to the rest of the day…one of those people that is always looking on the bright side of things.

BL: What is the most common issue that stylists have with getting the right blonde and what is the best solution?

MC: The key is getting the foils to the right color without depending on a toner – and that is all about practice. You need toners to achieve a Scandinavian white or silver tone, but otherwise toners should really only be used for minor adjustments. I get my clients as close as possible to the desired color with foiling then we use glosses to enhance instead of toner.

BL: What are the hottest hair color trends for 2020?

MC: We’re actually moving away from extensions and away from being so overly blonde…back to a more balayage look. We’re seeing thinner foils and a more natural, sun-kissed look with just a hint of blonde highlights.

BL: What is your consultation like?

MC: My job is to listen to the client and get them to their desired result while balancing their hair color with their natural skin tone and eye color. Many people don’t even know the right color for themselves so I get to know them, figure out what they really want and how long it will take to get them to their desired result without ruining their hair. A lot of people that come in to see me have been destroyed and may have 12 inches of just fried hair…that’s not my most enjoyable part of the job. So, sometimes it’s about reconstructing that, fixing bad highlights, and working with the client to reset their expectations.

BL: What is the recommended cycle to wash your hair?

MC: Less is more but it really depends on your hair and the products you use. I designed the Canale shampoo to take the oil out of the hair follicle and the hair shaft…that can give you an extra two days of clean hair. A good dry shampoo will also give you an extra day of clean hair…ours will be coming out by Spring/Summer 2020.

BL: What is the secret to the Canale’ line that sets it apart from all of the other products on the market?

MC: We care about the health of your hair. Our shampoo and conditioners are mild and actually restructure the hair, reduce breakage and bring your best color to life. The topical foam, Nourish, is amazing for those with a hairline that is degenerating due to age or overbleaching. It actually swells the hair shaft to promote natural hair growth and improve color hold. It has such a light feel that many people use it as a conditioner. Replenish is a vegan, all-natural ingestible vitamin that works from the inside out to provide blue green algae, spirulina, and other super foods and key nutrients that support healthy, thick, vibrant hair. We worked with a pharmaceutical company to create a patented Targeted Cellular Technology™ for maximum absorption.

BL: What is hair gloss and why use it?

MC: Hair Gloss is an at home treatment that lasts up to 20 shampoos, works as a UV sunblock to protect hair from sun damage, and keeps your hair looking fresh, shiny, and healthy between salon visits. I believe in enhancing the undertone of the skin, certain colors go on certain people. If you’re a summer/winter with more of an ash base then your highlights are cooler so you would use the Cool Blue…we also made a light golden gloss, Sunkissed, to enhance the baby blondes. Your color should be on point…use these glosses to enhance highlights, not to change them.

BL: Between traveling coast to coast, working with clients, managing your salons, and now a new hair line…How do you manage to keep yourself grounded, get enough sleep, keep it all together?

MC: I live in Los Angeles, I have 3 salons in LA, and I have a family to support so those responsibilities keep me grounded and I always come home to that. I always try to be my personal best and I really enjoy what I do so I don’t tire out easily and work is fun. Feedback keeps me going too…as a colorist, it’s great when top haircutters say you’re the best…That’s the deal!

Canale’ hair care products can be found on, Amazon, and at the three Michael Canale’ salons in LA.

Photos courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations