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Summer Concert Series

Sep 20, 2019 04:19PM ● By Leslie Mc Carroll
The Reno-Tahoe concert series was in full swing this summer with various artists ranging from hard rock to country that included Miranda Lambert at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Outdoor Amphitheater, Hinder at Mont Bleu, Night in the Country, Lady Antebellum at the all new outdoor amphitheater at the Sparks Nugget and Buckcherry at the Virginia Street Brewhouse. Bliss Life had the luxury of covering a number of shows this summer and had time to sit down with frontman Josh Todd of Buckcherry.

BL: What’s new and cooking with Buckcherry?
JT: We have a new album out call War Paint and the highlight of this album has been making it and putting it together. We wrote about 30 songs for an 11-song record. It has been about 3 years since we put out anything new. It marks 20 years in the game for us and is probably our best.

BL: We’re always on the lookout for people making a difference. I know you have been sober for quite some time now. How has that changed your career and your life?
JT: Sobriety …. Drugs and alcohol addiction is an interesting thing…Addiction is just a symptom of the problem. It’s a spiritual problem…a spiritual malady and once you abstain from drugs and alcohol that’s where you see people that are deep into their addiction and it’s not we’re around it a lot and I’m reminded of the guy I used to be and so it’s a good reminder and keeps me on track.

BL: Boxers or Briefs?
JT: haha! I do both actually! If I’m lounging around the house, it’s definitely boxers but tonight it will be briefs.

BL: We have a podcast now called #BlissAF. Tell me why your life is #BlissAF.
JT: I’m just in a really great place in my life spiritually with my band and my family. The synergy that is going on right now is great and it took a long time to get here. A lot of peaks and valleys.

BL: One word your wife would describe you?
JT: Passionate! Either an 11 or asleep.

BL: What lesson have you learned from your kids?
JT: Be patient. Allow them to be who they are and going to be. Not micromanaging them.

BL: Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon? Bacon….and Pineapple
BL: Thank you for being here again and we look forward to a great show from Buckcherry!