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Bliss Life Magazine | June/July 2019 Reno Rodeo 100th Anniversary Issue

Publisher's Note by Leslie McCarroll

#Battleborn – Though Battle Born technically refers to the fact that Nevada became a state in 1864 during the Civil War, many native Nevadans identify with the term as a reference to being born and raised in Nevada. It’s a statement of pride and comradery with other “Battleborn” natives, especially as we welcome so many new people into our great state. I, for one, am a native Nevadan and I’m so proud of my #battleborn roots. I am sincerely honored to be able to share some of the history and traditions of Nevada, and celebrate the amazing people, places, businesses, and events that make Nevada great through Bliss Life Magazine. Northern Nevada is thriving! I encourage you to embrace the growth and and share your “Battle Born” stories with newcomers, invite them to the rodeo and tell them about all the amazing summer events in Reno, so they too can catch the “Home Means Nevada” spirit.

100 Years of Reno Rodeo! It really is a “Big, Damn Deal!” and all of us at Bliss Life Media are so grateful for the opportunity to represent Miss Reno Rodeo and “The Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West” for the 4th consecutive year. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with this great organization that not only gives back to, but is an integral part of the fabric of this beautiful landscape we get to call home. We have won numerous awards featuring Miss Reno Rodeo in our feature reels and we thank you for your continued support. We love taking our creativity to the next level each and every time we get to work with the Reno Rodeo.

In grade school we used to sing the song “Home Means Nevada” with pride and respect for our state and our country. I still remember those lyrics and I think it’s fitting to share them with you here:

Jarbidge Wilderness - Northern Elko County, NV - Photo Courtesy of TravelNevada


Home means Nevada, Home means the hills,  

Home means the sage and the pines.

Out by the Truckee's silvery rills,

Out where the sun always shines.

There is the land that I love the best,

Fairer than all I can see,

Deep in the heart of the golden west

Home means Nevada to me.

I can’t think of a more beautiful place to live. We hope you enjoy this special Reno Rodeo 100th Anniversary issue, we certainly enjoyed creating it for you!

Leslie McCarroll


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