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Piercing the Veil - Choosing the Perfect Body Jewelry to Complete Your Bridal Look By Angela Watson, Owner of Black Hole Body Piercing

In modern pop culture, many choose to get body piercings for pure esthetics or adornment. However, body piercings have historically been related to very significant rituals in many cultures. As they relate to weddings and marriage, piercings still carry cultural significance in many Indian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures. In Indian culture, the Solah Shringar – literally 16 Decorations– of the bride includes the wearing of the nose ring, usually of gold or pearl decorations, as part of the devotion to the goddess Lakshmi, who is the model of the perfect wife, and of beauty and fertility. It is still common practice in the Berber and Bedouin peoples of North Africa and the Middle East for the husband to give the bride a gold nose ring when they are married. In South Africa, lip piercings are often inserted by a Makololo tribal woman’s husband-to-be as a betrothal, or engagement, rite six months before marriage, and the size of the plate correlates to her dowry. 

As a bride-to-be, whether for cultural significance or simply for beauty, your body piercings should not be overlooked as you plan every perfect detail of this most special occasion. A professional piercing studio, like Black Hole Body Piercing, has just what you need to curate the look of your dreams. With so many beautiful choices in today’s body jewelry market, here are a few things to consider when looking for jewelry to complete your perfect bridal look:  

  • Gold comes in 3 colors; white, yellow, and rose and has a softer tone than other metals.  

  • Genuine stones sparkle more than synthetic and will look amazing in photos.  

  • A professional piercer can help you with everything from design to the perfect fit, so avoid shopping online and making costly mistakes.  

  • If you’ll want something in custom colors or designs, allow a minimum of 4 months for the piece to be handmade. It may take a while but it’ll be gorgeous.  

  • A professional studio will have the largest selection of pieces that are biocompatible and safe for you to wear for long periods of time and they should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. 

  • If you want a new piercing, be sure to allow for sufficient time to heal so that it looks great in photos. 

Above all else, have fun with it! Your choice in body jewelry, as with all of the pre-wedding decisions you make, should be thoughtful and showcase your own personal style.