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Nuptials and Bubbles - Selecting the Right Bubbly for your Wedding or Special Event

Apr 04, 2019 03:24PM ● By Mike Owen

Bubbly wines have long been one of the key hallmarks of a well planned and executed wedding. From the warm up in the dressing room to the long awaited toast and on to the morning after mimosas, sparkling wines have certainly earned their keep in the celebration of marriage. 

For Better or Worse…For Richer or Poorer 

When you are wandering down the aisle at your local wine store, it is easy to be bewildered by the many choices, styles, and origins of the bubbly wines. First, not all bubbly wines are Champagne. Champagne is viewed as the “real stuff” and benefits from a legally protected name because those bottles come from a specific region in France. Not from Champagne? Can’t call it Champagne…sorry.   

Serving really good Champagne at your wedding may strain your budget to where you may have to fire the pool boy, so there are other options that need to be considered. Vin Mousseux is a way to “drink French” without breaking the bank. You can find it in styles from sweet to dry depending on your personal preference. Look, if it comes down to a decision between serving real Champagne or a honeymoon in Tahiti? Save the $$ and opt for Vin Mousseux and Tahiti. Your guests will understand.   

If French wines aren’t your first choice but you still want that European flair, here are some options: 

Cava – The folks in Spain like this wine with tapas and, well, just about everything else too! If your wedding includes the trendy appetizer bar approach, this will be a perfect fit without the strain on your budget.     

Prosecco – This is the fun and slightly sweet bubbly from Italy. It’s nicely priced and will remind you of your sweet auntie who asked you to be her flower girl. Prosecco is a hit at any wedding celebration (and the pre-parties as well). 

Sekt – You might expect the Germans to be in on this gig as well.  But, seriously, isn’t there enough structure in the whole wedding process?  More Teutonic structure won’t help your stress level…trust me on this. 

Let’s not leave out all the great sparkling wine offerings from California. The possibilities are practically endless and you can have some serious fun trying out 25 or 30 different bubbly wines at various tasting rooms throughout California. Why not hop on a party bus with your bridesmaids and make a day of it in wine country? Whether you’re in El Dorado, Amador, Napa, or Sonoma, you’re sure to find a bubbly that suits your fancy.  

Shoestring budget? The “Champagne of Beers,” Miller High Life, is always an option, especially if you are marrying kinfolk. You’ll have to go to California for the union to be legal so plan ahead. For this type of wedding, you won’t need nametags but putting up a family tree poster could make the literate family members vaguely uncomfortable. The suggested pairing is microwaved Velveeta and Chili with Fritos.