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Celebrity Plastic Surgeons and Rejuvenation Specialists Tell All!

Apr 04, 2019 03:16PM ● By Adriane Schwartz

From Left to Right: Slade Smiley, Dan Holtz (BHRC Co-founder), Janice Dickenson, Dean Cain, Joanna Krupa, Gretchen Rossi, Oksana Haman, Devin Haman (BHRC Co-founder)

Ready to go into planning mode to look your very best on your wedding day? For many couples, the decision to get married represents a kind of coming of age. While dating, all of the focus is on your partner and falling in love is forefront. Then, as we consider marriage and growing old together, our attention tends to shift back on ourselves and where we are in the grand scheme of our lives. As we micro-manage every detail in preparation for our special day and spend more time on our fitness and beauty regimes so we can really shine when the spotlight’s on us, we tend to pay a little more attention to those pesky “problem areas” and just want them to go away. Though we know our partners love us just the way we are, we imagine that if we could just fix that one thing that bothers us most about ourselves and robs us of our confidence, then we will be the best version of ourselves and, in turn, the best partner, the best lover for our future spouse. 

Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke

We see celebrities getting work done left and right, watch reality TV shows that make plastic surgery seem like a walk in the park, and hear success stories that make us wonder “what if?” 

So…what IF?!  

Plastic surgery has come a long way and the risks are now few and far between. Plus, there are so many non-surgical options too! Even if you’re one who would never consider surgery or cosmetic treatment, perhaps you’re just curious about what’s involved! So, Bliss Life Editor Adriane Schwartz asked world renowned Beverly Hills celebrity plastic surgeons, Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke, about which procedures women desire most, the down time, and costs associated to help you make the most informed decision for your special day. 

Adriane: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is known for making people look great so when a wedding day approaches many women look to you both for help. What are Brides’ most common requests?  

Dr. Danielpour: Most brides don't want to completely change the way they look but they want to glow with brighter and tighter appearing skin, less wrinkles, and smaller pores. Depending on the amount of time, each bride has a tailored package that is made specifically for them addressing their individual concerns. We have both surgical and non-surgical ways to ensure our patients look their best for their special day. 

Adriane: Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day so when brides to be come to you, do they arrive at your office with photos of their dream body or the perfect nose, for instance?   

Dr. Danielpour: Absolutely. This is true for all of our patients, not just brides to be. We have state of the art machines that help our patients see what will work best for their body or face, and help them visualize the end result. Our number one goal is to make sure our patients are happy with their results and that they will walk down the aisle with confidence. 

Adriane: Do you ever suggest that your patients wait until after their wedding to make any big changes?   

Dr. Danielpour: It depends how much it bothers them and how motivated they are to make the changes before the big day. We are here to treat patients and make them happy so it really is up to them. If we believe that the patient does not have enough recovery time prior to their event, and that it could impact their confidence or enjoyment of their wedding or honeymoon, we will recommend they wait. 

Adriane: You are located in the center of Beverly Hills, how far do brides travel for your work?   

Dr. Layke: Brides are not only local, but many fly here from all over the world (China, the Middle East, etc.) to look good for their wedding day.  

Adriane: Fitting into that perfect wedding dress is so important to most future brides. What can you do to help women who are desperate to have a perfect waist for their big day? 

Dr. Layke: This all depends on how much time they have. We have multiple options to remove unwanted fat and sculpt the body. Treatments range from surgical options like liposuction and non-surgical options like CoolSculpting to remove areas of unwanted fat, to Emsculpt, the new revolutionary treatment to build muscle to achieve an instant six pack or butt lift. 

Adriane: Tell me a little bit about the procedures and pricing for the most commonly requested, and the most effective results? 

Dr. Layke:  

Most commonly requested non-surgical procedures include: 

Hydrafacial - $250 – This 45 minute procedure cleans and hydrates the skin, and reduces pore size. This is the treatment that gives that instant glow! 

Piqo4 laser - $1500 (4 - 6 treatments, 2 weeks apart) - This non-invasive laser treatment addresses fine lines, pores and sun spots with no downtime or pain. 

Microneedling and PRP aka “vampire facial” - $900 per treatment (Normally 3 treatments are needed, 6 weeks apart) - This treatment uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) using your own blood along with microneedling. This procedure reduces pore size, hydrates and plumps the skin, and gives you an overall glow. 

CoolSculpting aka “freezing fat”- $750/area - Using cryo technology targeted fat cells are destroyed giving the patient a more sculpted and toned figure. This can be used for virtually all parts of the body, including the neck. 

Emsculpt - $1000 per session (4 sessions needed) - This uses HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) to build muscle and eliminate fat.  Currently used for abs and buttock lift. 

As far as surgical procedures, there are many but the most frequently requested are: 

Rhinoplasty aka “nose job” - $8,500-$12,500 - requires 1 week of downtime and approximately 3 months prior to being wedding and picture ready. 

Breast Augmentation - $8500 - Using breast implants to augment the breasts, this procedure gives immediate gratification with little to no downtime. Wedding ready immediately. 

Liposuction - cost varies depending on areas targeted – Surgically removes unwanted fat with minimal downtime. Wedding and picture ready in 6-12 weeks depending on extent of surgery and areas targeted. 

Med Spas – A Popular Alternative to Plastic Surgery 

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers Co-Founders Devin Haman and Dan Holtz

For those brides that wish to look their best and avoid plastic surgery, Med Spas have become the answer to many of their beauty needs. Whether it's a glowing skin, a sexy pout, or a svelt figure, these needs can be accomplished today with very little down time. And for those brides who prefer not to travel far before their wedding day, you have options! We chose The Beverly Hills Rejeuvenation Center (BHRC) because it truly has it all, including many locations around the U.S. We asked Co-Founders Devin Haman and Dan Holtz to shed some light on their amazing options for the newly engaged. 

Adriane: Everyone wants to look their best for their wedding and brides often visit day spas to prepare. Why do celebs choose BHRC rather than other day spas?  

Devin Haman: Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has been in Los Angeles for over ten years and our clients trust us and send their friends to our many locations across the country. When women are ready to take the plunge and get married one of their biggest concerns is their waistline, their skin, and their lips. Nowadays we are very lucky to be able to help women slim down and look refreshed without surgery or downtime.   

Adriane: What are the three most common things brides-to-be ask for when they visit BHRC and what is the cost?  

Devin Haman: Brides want to slim down! When women need to fit into their gowns, the quickest way to get rid of that muffin top or any bulge easily is cool sculpting. We recommend they come at least 6 months in advance because doing it twice ensures the best results. The cost for cool sculpt is $750 per area per session. We have had amazing success helping women trim down with cool sculpting.  

Brides want to glow! The next most common issue women come to us for is their skin. Brides of course want flawless skin so we send them straight for a hydra facial. We suggest 3 hydra facial sessions in the month just before the wedding. A hydra facials starts at $200 per session.  

Brides want that sexy pout! The next most common procedure BHRC performs is lip fillers. Let’s face it, voluptuous lips are in these days and women love to look sexy on their wedding day. It is one of the most requested of all our procedures even when no wedding is involved. When this procedure is done properly, and we really have it down to a fine art here, women are thrilled. The price is between $600 and $1000 and lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months.  

Adriane: What is the newest, hottest, and greatest that your clients and celeb clients have to look forward to at BHRC? 

Dan Holtz: People are popping in for a butt lift. We are able to give people a fuller, more lifted derriere by stimulating collagen production, reinforcing skin’s inner structure, and restoring its volume. 

Another popular new treatment is stem cell injections, the ultimate anti-aging and regenerative treatment which helps with hair loss, sore joints, overall wellness, and facial rejuvenation. 

Adriane: And where can brides-to-be find you? 

Dan Holtz: We love our brides-to-be but we want to please as many people as possible – we treat many grooms-to-be too! And, there's such a high demand for beauty these days so we've opened locations around the U.S. with plans for even more! 

We currently have 12 locations in the US:  

CA- Los Angeles and Newport Beach 

NV – Summerlin and Boca Park 

FL - Boca Raton 

AZ- Scottsdale 

TX- Southlake, Cedar Park, Highland Park, Houston, Dallas, Frisco, San Antonio 

For more information and specific locations, visit 

Not Quite There Yet? 

Not to worry! With a quick trip to your local beauty bar, salon, or day spa you can up your bridal beauty game in no time. Whether you go solo or make a day of it for some bonding with your bridesmaids, there are many low cost, low commitment options that can still give you a fresh look and quick boost of confidence. In the salon category of quick and easy beauty trends, Team Bliss recommends teeth whitening, body scrubs, facials, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, microblading, or a good old fashioned mani pedi to make you feel special. Whichever you choose, remember, what will make your day one of a kind is the love you share with your soul mate and the celebration with family and friends. Just be you and you’re sure to bea-YOU-tiful!