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The The Babe Cave - Inspiring Young Female Entrepreneurs Working Together to Get After Their Big Dreams

Apr 04, 2019 03:04PM ● By Britton Murdock Nunn

The Ladies of the Babe Cave, Photo Credit: Jesse Wendy

What happens when you combine a group of entrepreneurial minded women, working side by side to build businesses from scratch all under one roof? The answer is MAGIC. Meet the women of Reno’s newest office space, The Babe Cave. The name was coined by the female entrepreneurs and business owners that share the space. This is a real-life example of women supporting each other while growing businesses and lifting others up along the way.  

The first business of The Babe Cave is digital, named after the founder Whitney Korda. is a boutique digital marketing agency forging a unique brand experience through strategy and creativity. Whitney and her team, Ashley Polan and Rachael Wiebelhaus, are blazing the trail when it comes to marketing. SEO, Analytics, Display & Paid Media sound overwhelming? It’s because they can be. Leave it to the experts, these women have creative flare and execute when it comes to marketing. Their growing business demanded a new office. They found the perfect spot but had a little extra space to fill so they called me, Britton Murdock Nunn, owner of The Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Whitney and Ashley knew the BLFT was looking for an office space as the home office setup could no longer handle the demand of my growing business. The BLFT is a mobile fashion boutique that sets up pop-up shops around town. Coming up on year three of business, Brigitte (co-owner/sister) and I were in dire need of more space for operations, which include launching an online store in April, Biggest Little Fashion TRENDS!   The new office also gives BLFT customers another option to shop our collection outside of pop-up events and home shopping parties. It was time and the girls knew that an office space was exactly what we needed. The last member of the Babe Cave joined unexpectedly, but it’s at times like this that you know God and the universe are working together. The BLFT team was doing a personal shopping appointment at the home of Kelsey Duffield. During the appointment, we found out that Kelsey was running PAAW (Patron Angel of Animal Welfare), a nonprofit with a mission to empower animal welfare organizations to ensure all animals have a safe and loving environment. She was running this out of her home and she too wanted an office space! It was seriously like the stars aligned. We all came together, signed the lease, and are now operating out of the Babe Cave. The Cave isn’t just an office with three separate entities-it’s an office that operates as one team with everyone pushing each other to work harder and achieve more.  All of us are retired athletes but now we are back on the playing field wearing different numbers with Babe Cave across our chests!  

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