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With this TREND, I Thee Wed...

Apr 04, 2019 03:00PM ● By Nikki Lund

“The modern bride is embracing the return to glamorous opulence...intricate detail, like handmade embroidery and embellishments of beading and three-dimensional floral appliqués. The intricate work that has been passed down through generations is in itself timeless." - Madeline Gardener, Celebrity Bridal Couture Designer

"If you can imagine it, you can make it part of your special day. The rules of tradition have changed or been thrown out! Many brides are taking an organic minimalist approach. This budget friendly trend is fun for the DIY family and many brides are using the gifts from nature as their backdrop and table decor."  - Trish Townsend, Celebrity Stylist to stars such as Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson

Last Year was a year of monumental unions. From the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding to the debutante nuptials of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, as well as Chiara Ferragni's Italian extravaganza with Fedez, it's been the year of non-stop “It-Girl” nuptials.

While we are not all celebrities, women often dream of their fairytale wedding; the beautiful bouquet, the flawless diamond, a romantic setting draped in endless roses, delectable hors d’oeuvres, a swoon worthy groom, and of course-an exquisite dress! It’s a day where she can be a queen and the entire world stops as she shines like a star. Whether you’re into classic or prefer a modern twist, there is something for everyone in the 2019 wedding trends.


Back To Classic - While modern, edgy wedding décor and dresses are certainly on the rise, there are plenty of brides who want to bring back traditional design elements. Celebrity bridal couture designer Madeline Gardener of Morilee by Madeline Gardner (dress featured above) certainly has her finger on the pulse of wedding trends: “The modern Bride is embracing the return to glamorous opulence. My gowns are full of intricate detail, like handmade embroidery and embellishments of beading and three-dimensional floral appliqués. The intricate work that has been passed down through generations is in itself timeless. Make a beautiful statement wearing the most memorable gown!" 

Speechless designs trend-driven dresses for the free-spirited, fierce and flirty woman.

Boho Chic - Couples are becoming more price conscious with a casual approach on their wedding days. But, that doesn't mean you have to substitute the style. The no shoes, beach wavy hair, natural trend is hot in 2019. "Speechless designs trend-driven dresses for the free-spirited, fierce and flirty woman. We create dresses that fit your every social moment. We celebrate our passion for innovation by designing styles that make you feel confident for every occasion," says Speechless Creative Director, Mari Forge. #LeaveThemSpeechless now at @SpeechlessDresses  

Jennifer Kemp designed a custom tux for American Idol Scotty McCreery.


Custom Couples - The new trend is couples wanting to treat themselves to custom designed tuxedos and dresses. "I recently made a custom tux for Scotty McCreery, I have been working with him and his celeb stylist, Jennifer Kemp, since his American Idol win. We're noticing a big trend with brides and grooms wanting tuxedos, shirts, and dresses made especially for them. There seems to be a shift away from the bride’s gown being the star of the show, and more interest in both the groom and bride having a beautiful custom look," said Aaron McGill, owner and head tailor of Only One tailoring and master tailor of Fior Bespoke of Nashville.

Bold statement earrings are a hot trend in wedding jewelry according to celebrity jewelry designer Lisa Gastineau.

Bold Bridal Bling - Simplicity in jewelry is on the decline as brides opt for big statement earrings, colorful stones, and mixed metals. Celebrity Jewelry Designer Lisa Gastineau is finding that “brides today have more of a free spirit with style than ever before. They feel they can break tradition and show their personality.”

[Correction In Print: Lisa Gastineau, President and Designer of Lisa Gastineau Jewelry, Contact: 213-999-5727]

Lisa Gastineau uses colorful stones and mixed metals to make bold statements with her designs.


Rebecca Fearing, World Renowned Psychic Medium


Unique Entertainment - Many couples are seeking to entertain their guests with outside-the-box entertainment. World renowned psychic medium Rebecca Fearing says, "For some of my clients’ wedding celebrations they hire me to bring a fun flare and entertain their guests. For others, it's a special way to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side such as a parent, grandparent, sibling, or close friend and include them in their most magical day."

Pop Artist Sham Ibriham has painted everyone from Katy Perry to Gretchen Rossi.


Art Is All The Rage - Today’s couples want that WOW factor immediately upon arrival, so they’ve replaced the traditional engagement photo with chichi art. Guests now sign your modern artwork! What could be more hip than your self-portrait done by celebrity Pop-Artist, Sham Ibriham, who has painted everyone from Katy Perry to Gretchen Rossi. You can also use it as a great branding stamp throughout the wedding. Art that might first appear on a save-the-date telling the story of the couple's relationship may reappear on the invitation, and again on linen napkins. By using it throughout the event you optimize your investment. [email protected] 

Carolyn Kramer's impressionistic, whimsical artistic style is a meaningful way to capture the nuptial moment.


If your taste is more classic and you want something whimsical that's portrayed with delicate color nuances and sensuous texture try an impressionistic approach with your wedding art. "It's the impressions of the memory you see in your mind, and this is a very meaningful way to capture the nuptial moment," says Carolyn Kramer.

Statement Cakes are Back!

Statement Cakes - Dessert displays with an assortment of treats dominated the wedding scene in 2018, but more and more couples are trending back towards splurging on one big focal statement cake instead. “There's something so iconic about a wedding cake, so why not go big and bold!” - Owner and Creative Director of Helena Wirth Cakes, Anne Ayunan,

How 2 Girl's Courtney Six


Royal Flowers - It will be fun to see how Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding will inspire 2019 nuptials. A big trend is large installations over the doors. "Couples are going for the bigger is better approach with stunning floral arrangements fit for the royals, it's amazing how much more meaningful your wedding becomes when you add your own flair," says How 2 Girl’s Courtney Sixx.

That being said, the opposite is true when it comes to bouquets. "I think we will see more bridal bouquets that are smaller, delicate and relaxed in style as opposed to the larger ones we’ve seen in the past. I think couples will be putting more thought into the language of flowers and what the flowers mean and represent.” - Top Hollywood Florist, Francesca Blumenfeld of Francesca Blume Floral Artistry, 


Mindful Beauty Gifting – As opposed to the typical welcome gift waiting behind a hotel check-in desk, you will see couples sending information digitally and then offering a “beauty goodie bag” assembly station at a welcome party. Naked Soul Beauty founder, Tobey Ann, advises the bride to "infuse peace and passion into her process of creating a blissful wedding journey by gifting her Goddess Tribe with spirit and connection through a luxurious facial mask assembly station that will deepen their bond while nourishing their skin." Find the perfect products at

Kimberly Friedmutter, Celebrity Hypnotist


Hypno-Bride - This year Brides have seen the light. As we all know, weddings cost a pretty penny, so to up the ante on creating an unforgettable experience for their guests, 2019 savvy brides are hiring hypnotists. Celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter can guarantee not only a blissfully relaxed bride but also calmer guests. She has hypnotized brides to rid them of pre-wedding jitters and has even sat down with both sides of the family to ensure harmony on their special day. Her new book, Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind To Create The Life You Have Always Wanted, to be released April 9th, is a wonderful gift for any bride-to-be and their family! 

Amrapur Overseas bedding makes the perfect engagement or bridal shower gift!


Luxe Velvet - Whether it's table linens at the wedding or bridal shower gifts, velvet is on-trend and better than ever! According to Dawn Fields, Vice President of Design & Product Development at Amrapur Overseas, "The perfect engagement or bridal shower gift in 2019 is beautiful bedding and bath towels. It is the perfect way for newlyweds to start their lives together…comfy towels and luxe sheets!"