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What to Wear to a Wedding? 3 Go-To Pieces Your Closet Needs

Apr 04, 2019 02:54PM ● By Britton Murdock Nunn

Photos courtesy of illa illa

What Should I Wear???

Wedding season is upon us and with it comes the question every woman asks themselves, “What should I wear?” The answer to this question is never easy as each wedding is different. Some invitations will include a dress code but if the invitation doesn’t specify, it is up to you as the guest to use your best judgement. A few things to consider that should give some direction: time of day, venue, landscape, bride and groom personality, etc. Once you have gathered as many clues as possible you start to get an idea of what will be appropriate. A rule of thumb to remember is—it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. With that being said, here are 3 pieces that every closet needs and are guaranteed to get you through those no dress code weddings!  

 #1 Colored Cocktail Dress  

This is a piece for summer weddings. A pop of color is fun and lively. Find a color that compliments your skin tone and hair, and also your personality. Bright colors are trending right now—just remember you don’t want to be so bright that you upstage the bride. Jewel tones are a good, classy option too.  

#2 Black Dress 

This can either be floor length or cocktail style. Black is always in style, looks great on everyone, and works for all seasons. There are an unlimited number of options out there. Find a cut and style that is flattering for you. One of the great things about a black dress is you can get a ton of use out of it without people noticing or remembering that you’ve worn it before!  If you have worn it before, try changing up your look with different shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup. You can achieve vastly different looks with the same core piece, so don’t be afraid to get creative.   


#3 Jumpsuit  

Thank goodness that the jumpsuit trend is in full force! It gives women another option when attending weddings! A jumpsuit is a chic and classy look so don’t be afraid to wear one and stand out. Like the black dress, there are many different options, so choosing the jumpsuit that best fits your body type is very important. Most jumpsuits are fitted around the waist with a loose, wide leg bottom. If you are someone who is tall, a long wide flare bottom just above floor length is the most flattering. If you are someone who is shorter, the style for you would be wearing heels and a cropped tapered bottom. 

When you take the time to find an outfit that you feel confident wearing you are more likely to enjoy yourself at the wedding. Invest in yourself and your wardrobe and add these three pieces.  You will eliminate stress and save time with go-to outfits hanging in your closet for every type of wedding season and style!