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Thoughtful Buys

Apr 27, 2018 11:26AM

Thoughtful Buys: Stork Baby Boutique sources distinct items for both mom & baby

by Erin Meyering

The search is always on to find the most adorable onesie, special gift a new mama doesn’t yet have, or find yourself the most natural (and effective) stretch mark cream. Finding those items that you simply adore, and will be adored ten times over, can be challenging.

Stork Baby Boutique in Reno makes the hunt for great baby products a bit easier.

The Beginnings of Baby

Mimi Canfield and her mom Debbie created the 198-square-foot store three years ago when they saw a community need. The two own Larkellen, also in Arlington Gardens shopping center, which is a home goods and gifts store. When people would venture into Larkellen to buy baby gifts, the Canfield’s decided to devote a storefront to the idea.

“I truly feel what you put into the community, the community gives back,” Mimi said of sourcing and purchasing local.

Conscious Sourcing

Mimi admits that one of the best parts of her job is learning the story behind each product she brings in. For her, she’s able to support small businesses and provide items you may not find in large box stores.

There are several Reno-made products such as Sweet Mae Baby Goods’ teething toys, State 36 Clothing’s NV onesies, and The Back Lot’s high-fashion clothing.

Picturesque Products 

Walk in the store to find a wonderland of beautiful and soft pastels. You’ll find a variety of items to peruse including clothing (for babes up to 24 months), tummy butter, cards, diaper bags, books, and more. The store also has more uncommon items such as Ready to Pop nonalcoholic champagne, Baby’s Butt candles, and pregnancy tea which helps with breast milk production.

It just so happens that Mimi herself is expecting! “I’ve probably brought in more products for moms since I became pregnant,” Mimi said. Mimi’s first baby is due in June. Her newborn son is sure to be dressed to the nines.

Stork Baby Boutique

606 W Plumb Lane, Reno • 775-825-5033 Find Stork Baby Boutique on Facebook and Instagram

Erin Meyering is a California-born and Reno-raised writer and designer. A believer in grace, grit, and grains, she is continually seeking to expand her horizons. Between yoga classes and making her own sushi bowls, you can find her walking her 75 lb. lab/boxer mix, Biscotti, or her itty-bitty labradoodle puppy, Isabelle.