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Jan 14, 2018 08:53PM


Reno, NV. (January 17, 2018) –BLISS BABE a women’s lifestyle brand and publication based in Reno, NV, will launch the premiere of their #BlissBodyPositve campaign at their 3rd Anniversary Launch Party to be held between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 17th at the Plaza Resort Club in Reno, NV. Ten local Nevada women were chosen to bare it all in the name of Body Positivity and share their stories of self-acceptance, adversity and triumph in order to promote a more healthy body image. The campaign is set to go viral and make a global presence to coincide with Bliss Babe’s January/February 2018 print issue. Under the creative direction and vision of Bliss Babe Founder Leslie McCarroll, co-owner Debbie McCarthy (aka “Media Gal” AboutTownDeb)—and the collaborative efforts of the talented filmmakers, The Stanton Brothers and high fashion photographer, John Devine—the resulting artistic and emotional theatrical motion picture goes behind the scenes of their January/February photo shoot. It exposes the vulnerability, intimacy, deepest thoughts and insecurities that women consistently deal with regarding their bodies while deflecting body-shaming messages from society and media on a daily basis.

“When I launched the original concept in 2012, my mission was to create a platform for women to express themselves through fitness, health, beauty and to find their calling. Since the relaunch in 2015, I threw caution to the wind; I felt there was still a void of empowerment, body image and purpose of life. My journey wasn't without tragedy and personal obstacles. But these tribulations were the motivation to persevere. I wanted to allow my light to shine so that others would be liberated to let theirs shine, too. With that said, as the Creative Director and Founder of Bliss Babe Magazine, the #BlissBodyPositive campaign means the most to me,” says Leslie McCarroll, Founder and Publisher of Bliss Babe.



“I was tired. Tired of dealing with the self-doubt we all too often face of whether we're thin enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. We are enough to accept who we are and take stewardship in our journey. This is what the #BlissBodyPositive campaign and theatrical trailer represents.” ~ Leslie McCarroll


For questions or more information about the event, go to or send email inquiries to [email protected].

MEDIA CONTACT: Leslie McCarroll [email protected] 775.338.8837


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