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Stirring Up New Style for the Holidays: Discovering Hidden Gems in SF to Spice Up Your Shopping Experience by Shelby Wilburn

Nov 27, 2017 11:18PM
The beauty of living in Northern Nevada is the accessibility to countless adventures. Whether you are heading up to the luminous cliffs of Squaw Valley or exploring wine country, pieces of remote paradise surround us. In an effort to shake up the annual, holiday shopping routine, I set my sights toward the trend epicenter of the bay: San Francisco. Gift list in hand and booties laced up, I took to the streets on a mission to scope out some great finds.

As an allegiant Vogue subscriber, my heart palpitations hit full force when hearing news of Former News Editor, Emily Holt's, new store. Hero Shop, located in the Tenderloin district, presents a vibrant blend of global and local designers. The exposed brick walls, paired with bright, neutral decor create a dreamy environment to enjoy for an SF shopping day. ​Product offerings include a range of ready-to-wear jewelry, shoes, bags, home, gifts and tech items. All of which, provide the perfect palette for holiday gift planning. What I find most endearing is the fundamental purpose of the brand: Allowing style to be a hero in our lives, while celebrating its impact in significant ways. Whether it comes in the form of a holiday gift, or simply feeling beautiful in a new dress, fashion has an undeniable ability to empower us (goodbye to my shopping guilt).



So, Location: check, store: check, now what about the gift itself? When it comes to fashion, there are a TON of different options to give for gifts. I believe it truly depends on the specific person you are buying for. However, I personally love giving accessories, particularly jewelry, and here is why. Can you wear a scarf in June? Possibly in the Sierras with our spontaneous weather, but odds are no. Accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces are gifts with the ability to give AND live 365 days a year. We can wear them for any occasion, always getting to carry a little piece of the people we love, anywhere we go. Plus, they usually pass the approval test no matter what age or gender you are.

Hero Shop has an awesome collection of pieces, scaling from traditional styles to abstract pieces. One of my favorite brands offered is Pamala Love, who melds bold shapes with simplistic elegance at a very accessible price. She is great to pair with brunch and happy hour looks! If you're leaning toward the higher scale of luxury, there are also brands like Aurelie Bidermann, a fine jewelry line. Her baroque-inspired collection pays a beautiful homage to her French roots, while serving high-end glamour. Perfect for a black tie event, date night, or celebratory occasion. Accessories are my suggestion, but like I said, the store is filled with so many hidden gems and treasures. Overall, the store will give you an insurgence of gifting inspiration to adorn your loved one, and maybe even stir up some style renovation ideas for the new year. Cheers to shopping and happy holidays!